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The Curious Analysis of

No description

Jerica Glavan

on 14 November 2014

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Transcript of The Curious Analysis of

The Curious Analysis of
Round table with president of Adult Asperger Society
Select two events and one character that you are going to present in a video, an audio, and a comic.
Learn about Asperger Syndrome.
Three scripts.
All groups come together to select which tool they are going to use to publish their work as a digital book.
Groups present their work to the class.
Form 6 groups of 5 (randomly), divide roles, each group works on one part of the novel.
Write a summary of your part of the novel.
Think of the ways you could make the summary more attractive. Think of who the readers of your summary might be.
Choose tools, set locations and dates, divide roles within the group (writing scripts and carrying them out)
One video (2-4 min.), one audio (max. 2 min.) and one comic (3-6 frames) - based on the scripts.
Both the teacher and the students make comments and suggest what should be considered when assessing the product.
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