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PPE edited

No description

Mohamad Khreasat

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of PPE edited

PPE Mohammad Khreasat
Haitham Khaled
Omar Suaifan
Reem Madieh PPE Sequence Apply PPE before contact with the patient.
Remove and discard PPE at the doorway or immediately outside the room. * Remove respirator outside the room.*
You must always perform hand hygiene after contact. Types of PPE Gloves
Gowns/ Aprons
Mask & Respirators
Face Shields Gloves Use : To protect hands
Made out of vinyl, latex, nitrile, etc.
Single Use
Always work “clean to dirty”
Change gloves if there is a tear, heavily soiled, and after use on each patient Gowns / Aprons Use: to protect skin &/OR clothing
Made out of natural or man made material
Resistant to fluid penetration Mask/ Respirators Use of Masks: to protect nose and mouth
Use of Respirators : protect from inhalation of infectious aerosols (TB)
Masks should cover entire nose and mouth and protect from fluid penetration.
Types of Respirators : Particulate, Half or full face elastomeric, or (PAPR). Goggles Use : to protect eyes
They should fit snug over and around eyes
They should be used in addition to personal eyewear. Personal eyewear is not a substitution. Face Shields Use : to protect face, nose, mouth, and eyes.
Face shields should cover entire forehead, go below the chin, and wrap around the side of face. Important Facts for PPE Gown

Mask or respirator

Goggles or face shield

Gloves Donning Removing Slide ungloved finger under the wrist of he remaining glove
Peel off from inside, creating a bag for both gloves
Discard Gloves Grasp ear or head pieces with ungloved hands
Lift away from face
Place in designated receptacle for processing or disposal Face Gear Unfasten ties
Peel gown away from neck and shoulder
Turn contaminated outside toward the inside
Fold or roll into a bundle
Discard Gown Untie the bottom, then top, tie
Remove from face
Discard Mask Lift the bottom elastic over your head first
Then lift off the top elastic
If hands become visibly contaminated during PPE removal, wash hands before continuing to remove PPE
The opening is in the
back. Secure gown around
neck and waist.
If the gown is to small use two gowns. Tie one gown in the front and the other in the back. Gown Apply mask over nose,
mouth, and chin.
Put flexible nose piece
over nose bridge.
Secure and adjust to fit. mask Place respirator over nose, mouth
and chin
Fit flexible nose piece over nose bridge
Secure on head with elastic
Adjust to fit
Perform a fit check:
Inhale –respirator should collapse
Exhale to –check for leakage around face Particulate Respirator Position goggles over eyes and secure to the head using the ear pieces or headband
Position face shield over face and secure on brow with headband
Adjust to fit comfortably Face Gear Gloves should always be put on last
Select the necessary type and size
Insert hands into gloves
Extend gloves over cuffs Gloves How to Safely Use PPE Keep gloved hands away from face
Avoid touching or adjusting other PPE
If gloves become torn, remove and preform proper hand hygiene before putting on a new pair
Touch only necessary items and surfaces VS. Contaminated Clean Outside front
Areas of PPE that have or are likely to have been in contact with body sites, materials, or environmental surfaces where the infectious organism may reside Inside, outside back, ties on head and back
Areas of PPE that are not likely to have been in contact with the infectious organism Sequence for removing your PPE Gloves

Face shield or goggles


Mask or respirator All PPE except for your mask or respirator should be removed at the doorway of your patients room, before leaving

Mask or respirator should not be removed until you are outside the room and the door is closed

Make sure that hand hygiene facilities are near by The right place to remove PPE All PPE except for your mask or respirator should be removed at the doorway of your patients room, before leaving

Mask or respirator should not be removed until you are outside the room and the door is closed The right place to remove PPE Thank You
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