Inspiring presentations your audience will remember.

When you present at a conference, you’re faced with the challenge of condensing months, even years, worth of research and findings into a short time slot. You battle limited attention spans, looming coffee breaks, and the repetitive boredom of back-to-back speakers.

Watch 2011 TED Prize winner JR, a street artist whose mission is to change the world through art, as he uses Prezi to present a 10-year project in just six minutes at TED.

Rather than being stuck in a static slide, with no context of where you came from or where you’re going, Prezi’s zooming canvas allows you to view your big picture goals and then zoom in to show the important details.

“Prezi allows my streams of consciousness to have a visual format that feels fluid and intuitive rather than formal and linear. My audience sits just a little bit closer to the edge of their seat when I'm using Prezi.”

Chip Conley, Head of Hospitality, Airbnb

“Prezi brings motion, dynamism and flexibility to the art of the presentation. When I gave my TED Talk, I chose Prezi to bring my ideas to life.”

Peter H. Diamandis, Chairman, Singularity University

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