MarTech Series

Interview with Nadjya Ghausi, VP, Marketing, Prezi

by Sudipto Ghosh 2018


6 Must-Have Tech Tools to Close More Sales

by Marc Wayshak 2017

San Francisco Business Times

How Prezi CEO and founder infuses core value of diversity into company's culture (Video)

by Kevin Truong 2018


Best presentation software of 2018

by Nicholas Fearn, Jonas DeMuro 2018


Stop Using PowerPoint, Harvard University Says It's Damaging Your Brand And Your Company

by Paul Armstrong 2017

MarTech Series

3 Reasons Why Data Storytelling Will Be A Top Marketing Trend of 2018

by Nadjya Ghausi 2017


Scientifically speaking, Your PowerPoint Sucks

by Meg Miller 2017

Transformation Group

Five Transformational AR StartUps to Watch

by Shel Israel 2018

MarTech Advisor

Marketing and Sales Alignment in the Digital Era Must Be a Partnership in Process

by Nadjya Ghausi 2018


Sorry, Goldfish: People's Attention Spans Aren't Shrinking, They're Evolving

by Nadjya Ghausi 2018


Sales Teams of All Sizes Can Get Faster with These Solutions

by Drew Hendricks 2017

Direct Marketing News

Prezi Presents a Bright Future with Innovations, Purchases

by Alexander Neely 2017

Interesting Engineering

27 Most Successful LGBT+ Entrepreneurs, Executives and Opinion Leaders

by Saoirse Kerrigan 2018


Sorry, PowerPoint: The Slide Deck of the Future Will Be in AR

by Arielle Pardes 2017


7 tools to supplement (or supplant) PowerPoint

by Alyson Behr and Howard Wen 2018

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