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by Christina Desmarais 2017

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The Gifted: Showrunner talks pressure of building an X-Men series with mass appeal

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4 Reasons for B2B Marketers to Score with AR/VR in 2018

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Stop Using PowerPoint, Harvard University Says It's Damaging Your Brand And Your Company

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Prezi Presents a Bright Future with Innovations, Purchases

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Scientifically speaking, Your PowerPoint Sucks

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Harvard Researchers Find Prezi App More Effective Than PowerPoint

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Tools For CMOs That Are Making Outbound Marketing Hot Again

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The scientific reason no one wants to see your PowerPoint presentation

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Sales Teams of All Sizes Can Get Faster with These Solutions

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Sorry, PowerPoint: The Slide Deck of the Future Will Be in AR

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Four Ways of Engagement: Voices from Dreamforce #4

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Interaction and Immersion are the Secrets to Sales Enablement, says Prezi CEO Peter Arvai

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Are you Overlooking this Blind Spot in the Sales Funnel?

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How 5 Companies Found the Perfect Company Culture Within Their Business

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