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We are all made of molecules

No description

anna collins

on 13 January 2016

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Transcript of We are all made of molecules

"And now were moving in with them. Dad and Caroline broke the news last month. Dad and I and are leaving our house in North Vancouver and moving into Caroline and Ashley's house in Vancouver, on Twenty- Second between Cambie and Main. They told Ashley and i separately, so I don't know her reaction, but i am 89.9 percent happy with this news". pg.11
Stewart Inkster is one of the 2 main characters in the book. Stewart is short, has brown eyes, wears glasses, has brown unruly curly hair and has pointy ears. He is a 13 year old boy who is kind smart and about to become Ashley Anderson s step-brother. Stewart and his dad are devastated by the loss of his mom 1 year ago to cancer, Stewart's dad (Leonard) and Ashley's mom (Caroline) have become really close and decide to move in with each other. Stewart is excited to move in with Ashley and her mom and he is hoping to get to know her better but he will only find out the challenges he will face ahead not only with Ashley but at school.
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Text to World
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The story takes place in Vancouver Canada modern time. The story starts of at Ashley's house in north Vancouver then the rest of the story takes place at Borden Middle school.
The connection I made to this book was Text to World. I think the text is trying to say is situations where people are judged and bullied because they are different or gay happens in real life and no one tries to stop or prevent bullying. People aren't treated fairly because of that, say your applying for a job and you have a mental disabitlity or your gay while the other people that are applying for the same job but they have no mental disability and there not gay the other people are most likely to get the job and its sad because stuff like this happens all the time and their not treated fairly like the others.
A secondary character in the story would be Jared. Jared Mitchell is kicked out of St.Patrick's middle school because of a conflict he got involved in he moves to Borden middle school and that's where problems start to arise between him and Ashley and him and Stewart.
Susin Nielsen is a writer, winner of the Governor General’s Award trophy, a loving mother, and author of her most recent book: We are all made of molecules. We are all made of molecules is by Susin Nielsen, the genre of the book is "realistic". 13 year old Stewart and 14 year old Ashley think theirs worlds have been turned upside down when their parents suddenly move in with each other, a year after the passing of Stewart's mother. Stewart and Ashley are polar opposites, Stewart is academically gifted, and Ashley's grades stink but, Ashley is popular and Stewart is socially clueless its no doubt they would never meet but they realize they have to except everyone's differences for who they are because after all-
-"we are all made of molecules".
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We are all made of molecules:
I think this novel is trying to promotes real life circumstances which are hard to over come: themes are death, bullying, homosexuality, acceptance and step-parents.


Novel Study Presentation
By: Geanna Collins 803

"I am 89.9 percent
happy with this news"
p.g 11
Ashley Anderson is the 2nd main character in this book. She has blue eyes, long brown hair and average height. She has an interest in fashion. Ashley is self-centered, obsessed(looks), and she hates the idea of Stewart and his dad moving in with them. She thinks Stewart is a nerd and she thinks he is going to threaten her position on the social ladder if people at school find out he and his dad moved in with her. Ashley doesn't talk about her dad a lot because she believes it was his fault he split the family apart, she's mad and sad at him because of that secret he kept years from them. Ashley has always been close with her dad now that Stewart and his dad are moving to their house she tries to hide the real reason he left in the first place.
"My mom asked Leonard to
move in with us. And Leonard doesn't come alone. He comes with his midget-egghead-freakazoid of a son"
p.g 17
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