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Entrepreneur - J.K. Rowling

No description

Cecilia Rodrigues

on 22 December 2013

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Transcript of Entrepreneur - J.K. Rowling

Entrepreneur Assignment
By Cecilia Rodrigues J.K. Rowling - Joanne Rowlin
- was born in England in July,1965 (47 years old)
- went to the University of Exeter
- married and has 3 children
- famous writer of the Harry Potter series of books,"story that defined a generation"
- first person on earth to make more than $1billion by writing books Biographical Report Keys to a successful business Sell about 450 miilion HP books, translated in more than 60 languages throughout the world within 5 years.
Goal Setting (HP) - encouraged an amazing amount of children and adults to Impact on Community and Society Video ad on new website Venture Portfolio - she has a franchise of Harry Potter
- includes not only the books she wrote
- movies, toys and videogames
- created a multi-billion dollar business
- keeps writing stories Entrepreneurial Traits Creativity - many books and ideas that she developed by herself Determination - Rowling handed the book Harry
Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone to 12 publishing companies and they all rejected it but she never gave up. characteristics Entrepreneurial Traits skills Self-confidence Motivations Type of Ventures Forms of business ownership Not impatient - she never rushes to get a product done. She has to get it just perfect before publishing it, no matter how long it takes. the product must satisfy a need her product satisfied the need of entertainment for teenagers good quality at a fair price it was offered and accepted by the market as a high quality story at a fair price ( about $10) be careful with your money/cash flow is essential/guard your cash carefully Research skills As a writer, JK Rowling has to research a lot for information. For example, she can't say the weather is very hot in a certain place if the city her story is happening is in south pole. Organizing She also has to organize her ideas in order for everything to make sense. She can't be contradictory. (7 books) Relationship skills (customers & fans) She indirectly communicates with the reader and directly with the fans on internet and giving autographs for example. JK Rowling says she know the value of money because she was really poor when she started off. She has accountants that keep a good budgeting for her. selling/maximize your marketing she has sold about 450 million copies only of the Harry Potter series of books and has many fans. customers that she created and kept. - selling of her books

- HP franchise on toys, video games, clothes, colognes and anything else
that uses HP's name. - movie franchise - SMART Goal:
- SWOT Strenghts - interesting and fun stories
Weakness - Too long story ( 7 books)
Opportunities - teenagers become more interested in reading
Theats - another series of books (Twilight)
- JK started in a sole proprietorship business when she started writing and trying to get her stories published by herself.
- After becoming a billionaire and now owning a franchise, she has a lot of help specially from her husband but the business is still technically all hers. Product Development idea generation: JK had the whole idea for HP story when waiting for a delayed train. She says her other ideas also just come to her mind. idea screening:
She started writing it as she was unemployed and had a lot of free time at home. concept development: She rejected the ideas that she considered bad as she wrote it. Product Development market strategy/test marketing/ marketing entry - targeted for children as a magical story
- change their lives
- creative and misterious
- the readers would fall in love with it.
Eg. feasibility analysis The Magical Quill challenge was a kind of game that was used by JK Rowling as test marketing of her new website - pottermore The fans that would be fast enough to answer questions were selected to earn early access to the site. her idea would be financially achetable for her and worth it if it worked. - more fiction books published - more and better aspiring writers read. Conclusion JK Rowling is a very successful entrepreneur. Her product is still used and considered good even though it is already 13 years old. She became a billionaire doing something she loves during her free time - writing awesome stories. * her product is an innovation Work Cited http://voices.yahoo.com/a-short-biography-jk-rowling-3711684.html
- When firts started writing, JK was going through finalcial and health problems - writing was both a escape and a hope - Now, her motivation are the fans and all the responses she gets back from her work.
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