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Native Plants Project.

No description

Marbles ermahgurd

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Native Plants Project.

More sun perennials.. First we have Sun Perennials. NATIVE PLANTS And a few more sun perennials.. Now to the shade perennials.. By: Megan and Amiah Our park consists of
trees,shrubs,shade and
sun perennials. Butterfly weed: Species of milk weed, orange and yellow clustered flowers. Well known to attract butterflies. Grows 10in, to 3 ft. ($55 72 per flat) Dwarf Blazing star: Has rosy purple flowers in August and September. Tolerant of clay and drought. Known to flourish in high heat. 18-24in. ($66.24 72 per flat) Fireworks Sundrop: Yellow blooms in June, individual flowers wont last more than a day or two. 15-18in. ($55 50 per flat) Golden Fleece Goldenrod: Sprays of yellow and golden flowers. Important nectar and pollen source. 2-4ft. ($42.50 50 per flat) Moonbeam coreopsis: Creamy yellow flowers, take heat and bloom all summer. Full sun. Usually 18in. ($43.20 72 per flat) Wild Blue Indigo: Bushy robust perennial. Silver gray in Fall. Part of the pea family. 2-4ft ($82.50) Carolina Lupine: Member of the pea family. Needs well drained soil, part sun. About 5ft. ($82.50) Wild Geranium: Pale or deep pink? purple, full shade. Attracts butterflies. 1-2.5ft. ($48 32 per flat) Virginia Bluebells: Pink/medium blue, partial to full shade. 18-24in. ($43.20) Trees... Red Maple Tree: Full sun, green stems, turn red in winter. Fall color is a deep red/yellow. Does great in full sun, partial shade. 40-60ft. ($109.95) River Birch Tree: Medium green trees. Both wet and dry soil. Well in full sun and partial shade. 40-70ft.($109.95) More trees: Green Ash tree: Velvety leaf stems, medium dark green. Does well in full sun. 50-60ft. ($33.99) Red Pine Tree: Evergreen conifer tree. Full sun, grows to about 50-100ft. Works with poor, acidic soil. ($159.99 for the whole tree) Shrubs and Grass Ninebark Shrub: Left alone by pests, tolerant to all weather conditions. Grows fast, to about 10ft. Attracts butterflies. ($34.95) Bottlebrush Buckeye: Deciduous shrub, grows 8-12ft. Best summer flowering shrub,part shade to full shade.Dry soil. ($19.99)
Bermuda Grass: Blades are a grayish green color, 2-15cm long. Deep root system, promoted by full sun, slowed down by full shade. BiBlIoGrApHy/End notes www.northcreeknuseries.com www.arborday.org HOPE YOU COME AND VISIT OUR PARK SOMETIME!
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