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[cleaning pennies by:fernanda,stacy,and angela

No description

Miss Tanis

on 18 December 2012

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Transcript of [cleaning pennies by:fernanda,stacy,and angela

By:Stacy, Angela,Fernanda Cleaning Pennies Question Hypothesis Reflection Procedure Can we clean pennies in under 5 minutes with vineagar and salt or water and salt? I think that vinegar and salt will be more affective than water and salt . I think this will happen beacause water and salt don't really do anything. In class we learned vineagar and baking soda make gas . Salt and baking soda have two of the same atoms so it will probably make gas . First, you put the one cup of vineagar and 3 scoops of salt in one graduated cylinder. Then, you put one cup of water and three scoops of salt in the other cylinder.Lastly, you wait to see which ones are cleaner in 5 minutes. So you take them out and rinse them off and see which are cleaner. What happened was that both didn't work. The vineagar and salt only cleaned some of the pennies. On the other hand the water and salt didn't really clean the pennies even though we left them overnight.I think since we left it overnight the salt might have made it hard to clean since we left it overnight. Time Results Reacants Vinegar and salt Vineagar
and Salt Over
Night Some pennies cleaned
some pennies pennies
clened and some didn't. ` water
salt over
night a little
bit clean
see different
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