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Given the same amount of water, how does pot size affect the

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Nick Pietrzak

on 6 October 2014

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Transcript of Given the same amount of water, how does pot size affect the

The pots are the manipulated variable.
Responding Variable
They will boil differently.
Two different sized pots
Measuring Cups
Set Up
1. I will get two different sized pots and fill them up with the same amount of water with measuring cups
2. I will put them on the stove on the same heat level and record data and see which one boils faster

Operational Definition
My operational definition is that if they boil at the same time there is no affect, and if they boil at different there is an affect on boiling with different pot sizes.

THEORY: Time it took to boil. Small Pot: 7:43, Larger Pot: 6:39 So pot size does affect the time it takes to boil.
The larger pot didn't take as long to boil,and that means my hypothesis was wrong.
Problem:Given the same amount of water, how does pot size affect the amount of time it takes to boil.
The smaller one will boil faster
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