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Book Talk Criteria

No description

Billy Spicer

on 29 October 2014

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Transcript of Book Talk Criteria

I share books I enjoy with other teachers...

...with friends & family outside of school...
In book talks...
we offer ideas to other readers and learn about books that may interest us
Reading is something we do because we LOVE it!
We talk about books because we enjoy reading--NOT because "we have to for school."
Reading goes WAY beyond the classroom...
Turn & Talk
Turn and talk with your partner to name which criteria I addressed in my book talk
In your
Reader's Notebooks...
Open back up to the page we started in MINI LESSONS...
Write down the criteria on your page
Think about the information I shared with you during my book talk about "The Graveyard Book."

As avid readers we are always searching for books to add to our book shelves. Being part of a reading community means that we both GIVE and RECEIVE recommendations. They help fuel our reading engines!
Now you...
Consider a book that might be worthy of your own book talk.
Share one idea with your partner.

Reading Community
I'm going to book talk one of my favorites...
Book Talk Criteria
Book Talk Criteria
Talk about a book you have finished reading.
Talk about a book you really like.
Talk about the genre and author of the book.
Provide a brief summary of the story, but don't give it all away!
Compare the book to another book or another author you have read.
Recommend the book to readers whom you think would enjoy it.
will be
able to...
EXPLAIN...the importance of a book talk
IDENTIFY... the components of a book talk
CREATE... a book talk for a book already completed based on the criteria discussed
Time to Plan!
Action Steps
Using the criteria in your Reader's Notebook, prepare for your first book talk.
Use the Google Form to which is attached to an assignment on Edmodo.
Ticket to Plan
Before you can begin to plan your first book talk, you need to demonstrate you EXPLAIN the importance of a book talk, and IDENTIFY the different criteria.
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