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luke tandy

on 15 December 2014

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The Stereotypical Lifestyles
Example of pop magazine

Audiences of the pop genre will have specific psychographics:
Interests - Interested in popular fashion this will include; clothes, make up, accessories etc. Other things they are interested in are keeping up with today's world they have to know everything that is going on.
Hobbies - Football, clothing, photography, fashion etc.
Beliefs - These people believe that you should look up to somebody else having a role model, and everything resolves around their personal status.
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Analysing Example Magazine
The demographics of the typical audience for pop music are:
Gender: Female dominant
Age: 10-25
Ethnicity: White
Relationship Status:Single/In A Relationship
Social Class: Lower (C2DE)
Occupation: Any

Magazine companies would target these particular audiences by fulfilling the demographics of their target audiences. For this particular genre of music, these demographics would be shown in the magazine by things such as:
Colours would be very bright and use a lot of vibrant colours.
They will use a lot of the popular artists at that time which will mainly be boy bands as they have a massive amount of fan girls, filling their gender demographic.
The price of this magazine would be quite low as many of their target audience will stereotypically have no job so they need to make ti available to all people.
Top Of The Pops target a specific audience ensuring they get their sales and appeal to audiences. Their target audience is the mainstreamers, aspirers and younger audiences. This is shown throughout the things featured on the magazine cover, it shows that the magazine appeals to aspirers because it shows consistent use of the top 40, celebrities and fashion throughout the magazine.
This particular audience like to have particular things within their magazine, things they like are: bright colours, chatty font and stories. This is due to their demographics and psychographics once these have been for filled by the magazine this will influence the purchase of the magazines.
A mainstreamer will follow crowds and will be interested in everything that is featured within the pop music magazine. This is because a mainstreamer likes to follow the crowd and always wants reliable products such as clothing etc. As mainstreamers make 40% of all consumers you will find that they will be interested within the pop music genre because it is perfect for a mainstream audience due to the persuasion and reliability influenced through the artists clothing, make up etc.
Aspirer's are very suited for this music genre because aspirers are seen as wanting to succeed in life and will see how succesful pop music artists have become and they understand that this is a life they would like to have, due to the personal status they create. Aspirers believe that their personal status is very improtant so will pride themselves with their fashion and how they look to make sure they fit in with the popular social classes (E) of this pop music genre.
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