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Ups and Downs of Homeostasis

No description

Cynthia Dyes

on 11 September 2014

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Transcript of Ups and Downs of Homeostasis

Thank You!
Breathing and Heartrate!
1. Take your pulse
2. Predict what your heart rate will be after doing jumping jacks for 1 minute
3. Do jumping jacks for 1 minute
4. Take your pulse
5. Predict how long it will take for your heart rate to return to normal
Balance Yourself
Pupil Dilation
Keeping a Balance:
Homeostasis and Negative Feedback
Lets get Physical!

Ups and Downs of Homeostasis
Homeostasis and Feedback Loops
Homeostasis Puzzle
Review Game
Describe what you are experiencing with others.
1. The receptor is the component that detects and measures changes in a given parameter.
2. Receptors then relay this information to a control center.
3. Control center compares the measured parameter to a desired set point.
4. Effectors can be muscles, organs, or any other component that receives signals from the control center.
5. Effectors can either enhance or reduce the deviation.
Positive Feedback
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