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A Life Story

A movie original by Te'Quan Taylor

TeQuan Taylor

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of A Life Story

$ A LIFE STORY $ An Original Movie... A Future Block-Buster =) Written, Produced, and Directed by: Te'Quan Taylor Why such a success? Action-Filled Movie! Cliff-Hanger-->always wondering what's going to happen next Setting Old Abandoned House.. Prison Life Characters Tyrone-protagonist of story
who takes the fall and ends
up in prison. He knows prison isn't where he wants to be, so he plans for an escape. But will he escape..... "X"-In the beginning, he is seemingly
a good friend to Tyrone. But deep
down he is a true snake, and his true
colors are slowly revealed throughout
the movie. Conflict In the middle of Tyrone's biggest deal,
everything seems to go wrong. His
best friend is dead, he has given his money
to a seemingly trustworthy comrade, and
to top it all off, he has gotten life in prison.
He plans a break out from prison. But will he
escape? And if he does manage to escape, will
he still have the same friends as before?
Hope you enjoyed this presentation Ladies and Gentleman, I Present
to You... Critics Give a Full 5 Stars! && I Thank You for Watching..
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