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on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of Indiana

Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Governors Residence
Lucas Oil Stadium
Sports teams in Indiana
* Colts ( NFL)
* Indiana Pacers (NBA)
* Indiana Hoosiers (NCAA)
Economic Location
Political Location
Hosted Super Bowl in 2011.
One of the highest voted
sports facilities in America with
5,678,903 votes. Costs 750 million
bucks, the 3rd most expensive
footballstadium.Hoststhe Indianapolis Colts 8 times a year.
6.5 acres ( really small)
58 rooms which is the least for a
governor's residence
Located in Indianapolis, IN.
Not in city more of a modern location.

Someday, Whenever, 2014
George Rogers Clark Historic Park
Historic Location
Barton Lake
Geographical Location
* Named after GRC
* It is where Garrison
surrendered to GRC
and America
* Located in Vincennes
, IN
Very expensive tours.
* In Indiana
* 50,000 acres
* 46% of lake is water. Rest of lake
is sand or fields.
Very wet.
Indiana By: ZACH
* Churchil Downs,
Yankee Stadium,
and the Vatican City
can fit into the oval
of the IMS.
* It is the largest
spectating sports facility
in the world.
* The facility, from end to end stretched out goes 99.5 miles.
Hosts the INDY 500 each year
Facts about Indiana
* state abbreviation is IN
* state nickname is the Hoosier state
* state football team is the COLTS
* the candy cane indiana hoosiers pants are famous here
* Cody Zeller is the highest drafted hoosier in the nba draft
* I'm from Indiana(born in Carmel,IN)
* No baseball teams in IN
* Andrew Luck was the 1st overall pick for the Colts
in the 2012 nfl draft.
* Indiana Pacers were 9-0 at the beginning of the 2014 nba season and still hold the eastern conference's best record
* State is home to the Indy 500.

Indiana's Government

The governor is Mike Pence
The Senators are Daniel Coates and John Dennely
The state abbreviation is IN
The state no. of representatives is 142
This is Mike Pence
Indiana's History

1500- The French explore Indiana in search of property for the French

506 years later

2006- Indianapolis Colts win Super Bowl

2012- Indianapolis Colts host the Super Bowl
Indiana's Geography

* 9 state resevoirs
* State borders Lake Michigan
* Best crop is the corn
* There are 12,000 farms in IN
Indiana's Economy
* 1.3 million dollars for education
* 1.4 million for medicaid
* 400 million for nutrition
* 70 million for employment services
Geographic maps show...
The geographic features
of a state or country.
Political Maps show...
National borders and major
Physical maps show...
any physical elements
about a place
economic maps show... the same things that regular maps show
Total road trip distance
George Rogers Clark Historic Park to
Indianapolis Motor Speedway is
130 miles
Indianapolis Motor Speedway to
Lucas Oil Stadium is 6.6 miles
Lucas Oil Stadium to Indiana's
Governors Residence is 1.1 miles
Indiana's Governor's Residence
to Barton Lake is 171 miles
Barton Lake to WCE is 1,152 miles.
Total Road Trip Distance is
1,460 miles
Christian Watford not afraid to beat the no.1 team UK with a 3 at the buzzer to win by 1.
Thanks for watching

Made by: Zach Richardson
$More than you have
Indiana Basketball
Larry Bird and Magic Johnson
* Faced in NBA and NCAA championships
* Larry Bird from Indiana State
* Magic Johnson from Michigan State
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