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February 28: Unit Planning & Vivifying Curriculum

No description

Jorden Smith

on 1 March 2011

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Transcript of February 28: Unit Planning & Vivifying Curriculum

Unit Planning Continuity Flow Scaffold Learning Data Information Knowledge Wisdom Data + Data Bits of unrelated, independent information Information + prior understanding or experience Knowledge + evaluation/ judgement = (not) acting CONNECTIONS
CURRICULUM Instructional tactics
Resources/ tools knowledge & understanding skill & process value & attitude COMBINE Art
Primary Resources
Establish connections & relationships
Be creative
Where to start your unit plan... THROUGHLINE QUESTIONS!
what do you want them to understand? Assessments & Evaluations
How will you know what they understand? Learning Activities
How will you help them understand?
What opportunities will you offer your students for learning? Great Idea for Teaching (GIFT)

Digital Historical Narratives
Images, text, audio, oh my!!!

Tech requirement:
Windows movie maker (not the best but it is functional, user friendly, and will be found on almost every computer in any school)
I recommend Animoto if you have internet access & can set up a free (for education/educators) account. Check it out- it is fantastic!

THE STEPS FOR YOUR STUDENTS (I would use the Inquiry process model)
Explore issue/ question
Collect data
Analyse and evaluate data (Key events, moments, points, etc...)
Create a brief description (significance, impact, effects (short- & long-term
Choose an image to represent that point (use digitized primary resources where possible, use artwork/prints, illustrations, symbols where appropriate)
The text and images should tell 'the story'
Create ‘slideshow’ with images and text
Add audio or music (judiciously chosen)

This speech is my recital, I think it's very vital
To rock (a rhyme), that's right (on time)
It's Tricky is the title, here we go... TRICKY! Student progress through inquiry process
Supporting their attainment of higher levels of thought
Variance in motivation, engagement, use of time
Technology issues
What would you do?
with a partner or on your own, draft a quick unit outline with a few main activities
For your activities, think of engaging & interesting learning opportunities
What would you do to vivify the curriculum within the unit plan?
Draft a lesson plan for one activity & prepare to share the activity and you lesson with the class (stand up & be the teacher)
Where do I find these...

All sorts of places!

Look for digitized primary resoures, artwork, exhibits, etc... on:

Museum sites
Major organization sites (often tied to heritage or education)
Tourism sites
Government sites (libraries, archives, etc...)

Do some digging or talk to your librarian for literature/narrative resources. They might be able to locate resources for you and will often be able to secure class sets of what you after.
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