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Imperialism in North Africa

No description

Kelsea Chaplin

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Imperialism in North Africa

The British in North Africa In 1875, Britain bought the Egyptian stock for the Suez Canal.

It would give them easier access to India, Australia, and New Zealand. France began to expand its Second Empire looking toward North Africa (the Barbary Coast)

-Algiers – a Muslim state of the Ottoman Empire.
Algiers had vast areas of fertile cropland, as well as immense reserves of petroleum products
(which were becoming more and more important).
France wanted BOTH! “France . . . cannot be merely a free country . . . she ought to propagate [spread] [her] influence throughout the world and carry everywhere that she can her language, her customs,her flag, and her genius.”
Jules Ferry France’s Minister of Foreign Affairs 1883 The Fashoda Crisis Between 1881and 1885, Muhammad Ahmed al-Mahdi led a successful revolt against Egypt in the Sudan.

The British defeated the rebels in 1898 and set up a protectorate over the Sudan.

The French in the area did NOT like the British in control of Sudan, but backed down rather than risk war with England.

Britain and Egypt gained shared control of the area In North Africa Imperialism The French in North Africa According to Ferry, what were France's motives for imperialism? Did the Algerians want French rule? No!
For more than 40 years Algerians tried to fight against French control.

~ unlike Algiers, Tunisia became a French protectorate
The Tunis governor stayed as ruler, but France controlled the country
They resented French control Tunisia 1881 Morocco In 1904 France made an agreement with Britain, Spain, and Italy to take control of Morocco.

Does anyone see anything wrong with that scenario?

In 1909, Morocco became a French protectorate.
This time, the sultan appealed to the French for help because he was facing rebellion of his own people. The Egyptians did not want to be controlled by foreigners.
Rebellion broke out in 1882
Although Egypt seemed to be independent, it was actually controlled by Britain for many years.

How did Britain gain control of Egypt? Compare and Contrast Ferry's motives for imperialism and the actual reasons why France and Britain gained control of areas in Northern Africa. Overall, were people happy with European intervention?

What were the benefits of imperialism for France and Britain? For the countries in Africa? What is this political cartoon saying about imperialism in Northern Africa?
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