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Is Sensitivity Heightened with your dominant hand or non-do

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Abby Saunders

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of Is Sensitivity Heightened with your dominant hand or non-do

Is Sensitivity Heightened with your dominant hand or non-dominant hand?
By: Abby Saunders

Is Sensitivity heightened with your dominant hand or your non-dominant hand?

I.V= ice water
D.V= left and right hand test subjects
Control= temperature in the ice water
Background information:
Your dominant hand seems to be stronger and more coordinated unlike your other hand. So, in my project, the stronger hand can obtain longer in the ice water, and then I could tell which is your dominate hand. "The dominant hand will have a marginally have a faster reaction and longer time compared to the non-dominant hand." quoted by Roisin Hille a teacher at a Australian Middle School. You do so much better things with your dominant hand and it takes time to do so. Therefore, your hand will stay in the watewr longer. In recent studies only 15% are left hand dominant, and 75% are right hand dominant.
If the ice water stays at the same temperature then your dominant hand would stay in longer because your dominant hand has a lot of strength and can take a lot of pressure on it.
Left hand and right hand test subjects
A bowl that is big enough to fit both hands
Ice water
1. Fill the bowl with ice water.
2. Ask a test subject to place both hands in the bowl. Instruct them to keep his/her hands in the bowl as long as possible. Tell the test subject to remove one or both hands when the discomfort becomes to much t bear. Both hands do not have to be remover at the same time.
3. Start your stopwatch.
4.Recored how long the subject is able to keep each hand in the bowl of ice water.
5. Record whether the test subject is right-handed or left-handed.
6. Repeat steps 2-5 for many different right-handed and left-handed test subjects you wanted to experiment on.
7. Analyze your results. Did right-handed participants tend to remove their right hand from the water before their left hand? Did left-handed participants keep their right hand in the ice water longer than their left hand?
Hand Sensitivity
Name: Trial 1 Trial 2 Trial 3
Paul J. 4 mins 6 mins 6 mins
Saunders 28 secs 49 secs. 24 secs
Paul C. 2 mins 3 mins 6 mins
Saunders 38 secs 45 secs. 29 secs.
Abby 4 mins 8 mins 9 mins
Saunders 48 secs 32 secs. 59 secs
Karen 4 mins 5 mins 7 mins
Saunders 16 secs. 31 secs 37 secs.

Left Hand Trials
Right Hand Trials
Name Trial 1 Trial 2 Trial 3
Paul J. 3 mins 5 mins 6 mins
Saunders 43 secs. 58 secs 59 secs
Paul C. 1 min 5 mins 7 mins
Saunders 13 secs 11 secs 52 secs
Abby 5 mins 8 mins 7 mins
Saunders 38 sec 28 secs 49 secs
Karen 6 mins 3 mins 9 mins
Saunders 27secs. 23 secs 26 secs.
Data /analysis
Right or left hand dominant
Name Dominant Hand
Paul J. Left
Paul C. Right
Abby Left
Karen Right
My hypothesis was correct. Since I did not do anything to the ice bowl like change the number of ice cubes or the amount of water then it would have stayed the same. Out of the four people, two of them were right-handed dominant and two were left-hand dominant. Paul C. Saunders and Karen Saunders were right hand dominant, while Abby Saunders and Paul J. Saunders were left hand dominant. Every trial that was with their dominant hand was higher than their non-dominant hand. For example, Paul J. Saunders Trial 1 time for his dominant hand was 4 minutes and 28 seconds while his other hand was at 3 minutes and 43 seconds. His left was higher than his right hand because his dominant hand was left.
That's my science project!

Thank you!
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