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Etymology of a Word Science Presentation (Acceleration)

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Rebekkah Montanez

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of Etymology of a Word Science Presentation (Acceleration)

There once was a man named Scientisto...
Scientiso liked to watch his children play their toy cars. They would build ramps and let the cars go down them. They built higher and higher Ramps!
Scientisto noticed the higher the ramps were, the faster the car went down the ramp. He thought that it must be some weird force he didn't know about. He decided to name the force Acceleratio after his kids Acceler and Atio.
Scientisto called his friend Amarr Acaan. He told him of this strange kind of force he called Acceleratio.
Amarr Acaan said that he would introduce this to his friends at his Science Convention, but would have to change the name to make it pronounceable for people in his country. He said it was too foreign sounding. He changed acceleratio to acceleration.
At Amarr Acaan’s science convention, the president of science came and signed a bill stating acceleration was officially a scientific term.

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