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Leveled Literacy Intervention System

No description

Allie McKenna

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of Leveled Literacy Intervention System

Leveled Literacy Intervention System
Pros & Cons
Social based
Limited information regarding students with Intellectual Disabilities
Time Consuming
Individuals with special needs that would benefit from LLI
Students without IEPs that are struggling in either reading or writing
Dysgraphia and Dyslexia
Mild intellectual disabilities
Allie McKenna, Taylor Wilkinson, Alex Yotter, Nicole Eveland & Samuel Reese
Individuals with special needs that would NOT benefit from LLI
Aspergers/social disorders
Severe Cognitive Disabilities - Autism, Down syndrome
Antil, L.R., Jenkins, J.R., Vadasy, P.F., & Wayne, S.K. (2003). Exceptional Children. How cooperative learning works for special education and remedial students, 69(3), 279.
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Limited teacher training
Adapted to align with Common Core standards
Prove effective for ELLs
Includes reading, writing, and phonics
Tons of information supporting typically developing students
Consists of a series of planned lessons
Designed for students with disabilities, English language learners and any child who is at risk of academic failure
Small group approach
Mostly used for kindergarten-2nd grade
Developed over five years and has been tried in over 70 districts in over15 states
Summary of LLI
Depends on grade level/sub-level
Multiple copies of leveled books
Program guide
Lesson guides
"When Readers Struggle: Teaching that Works"
Writing books
Technology Resources
• Depends on age/grade level of student
• Students will need to have different skills based on where they are in the program
• Some general skills all students will need to have
1. Concepts of Print
2. Concepts of Word
3. Phonological Awareness
4. Letter Recognition/Awareness

Prerequisite Skills
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