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Home Ice Advantage

No description

Nicole Mowers

on 9 June 2015

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Transcript of Home Ice Advantage

Home Ice Advantage
Hello class today i will be talking about a book called Home Ice Advantage. The author of this great novel, is Tom Earle. This book was published 2013 by Harper Trophy Canada.The genre of this book is realistic fiction . I said it was realistic fiction because i think some part of this book could be true.
Main Character
Secondary Characters
Now I will read page 63 because ...
Jake has one dream and that dream is to make the NHL, and he has what it takes. At home his dad Jeff is not supporting him which is making his dream fade away. Jake runs away from home to go to the big city Toronto. When walking down town Toronto he sees an abandoned building. It is no ordinary building, it is Maple Leaf Gardens. Right away he discovers that he is not alone in the building.
The conflict in this book is that Jake is having problems at home. Jeff his father has been verbally and physically abusing him and his mom. Jeff want's Jake to make the NHL. He feels that Jake is not trying hard enough and is not tough enough. That is when the physical abuse starts.
Tom Earle
Jake Dumont
Is the main character in the book. He is in grade seven and is a good student and an excellent hockey player. He play AAA in North York.
Rebecca Dumont
This is Jake's mom. She is very quiet and loves her son very much. She is trying to do the right things and hide Jake from the things she has to deal with.
Jeff Dumont
He is Jake's dad and very hard on Jake. He wants his son to make the NHL and believes that physical and emotional abuse is the way to help him improve.
Samantha Beckett
Is Jake's best friend and has lived beside Jake his whole life. She is in grade seven and is Jake's confidant.
Scooter Murphy
- Reverend Pete Ambrose
- Coach Madigan
- Freddy Talbot
- Mr. Hamilton
- Joe Winslow
- Whispering Pines Retirement homes
- Jake's house in North York
- Carlton Street ( Down town Toronto)
- Maple Leaf Gardens
- Jake's school
- Tim Horton on Carlton Street
- The hockey arena (In Toronto)
The reason that I picked this part of this book because it is when Jake scores the winning goal for his team.
I would give this book eight out of ten. I recommend it for ages 11 to 16.
- It had a great story line
- It reminded me of Undergrounders.
- It is easy to relate to, as Jake is in grade seven and play hockey.
Element of Style
The elements of style are in red so they stand out for the people in the back row. Tom Earles' Style of writing is good as he uses
Bold Print
in part of the book to help a letter stand out. Some elements of style that Tom Earle used were
like when Jake is telling Samantha the first his dad physically abused him. The
in this book is a hockey book and how a young boy deals with an abusive father.
- We both play hockey
- Both of our dads expect a lot
Some connections that I thought that Jake and I have in common.
In conclusion I would like to thank you for your time and remember that I really enjoyed this book and highly recommend, Home Ice Advantage to all kids 11 years and up.
He is the homeless man who helps Jake stay alive
when he runs away from home. He eventually helps Jake find his way back home.
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