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You say you want an evolution? #change11

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Joseph Dillon

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of You say you want an evolution? #change11

Some evolution in digital texts and tools... We'll begin with 3 claims from "The Psycholinguistics of Literacy in a Flat World," by Alice S. Horning. Claim 1:
"The first claim is that the perceptual, cognitive, and linguistic abilities required for
literacy are consistent across print and digital environments, arising through processes like those in acquisition and in emergent literacy." Claim 2:
"...Human language ability has evolved and is evolving, particularly in the current digital
environment. Clearly, the digital landscape is changing as new forms of communication are
developed such as text messages, blogs, and social networking." Claim 3:
"My third claim, then, is that the forms of literacy are themselves evolving through the
development of new media that reflect the evolutionary processes defined previously: selection, hybridization, inbreeding, and mutation. Image, sound, movement, and links are all part of the ongoing evolution of print and digital forms, as are cell phone novels, a hot trend in Japan according to a recent report in the New York Times (Onishi, 2008), course management software, and the social networking sites. Each evolutionary process is clear in current digital forms..." A taxonomy to consider... Here's my rough evolutionary chain... Physical slide and projector: You can present images to accompany a lecture. Powerpoint: You can create digital content for presentation or distribution. A powerpoint can stand alone with no presenter. Prezi adds the dimension of space to the presentation. It is an evolutionary advance because it is also a synchronous, collaborative tool.
There are 3 sections or prompts.

As you "read" through the 3 sections, you can stop and edit this Prezi with your own annotations at any point.

After you read the third section, you'll come to an invitation to think critically about how texts are evolving. I hope it is also an invitation to create multimedia content in this virtual space. 1. 2. 3. An invitation: Create your evolutionary chain here: An example: Watch this video to understand how you'll use or consider this graphic. An invitation to think and create (or think creatively?) http://prezi.com/pqvj3po5w8hu/edit/?auth_key=ovviqxx&follow=a4fhvl4j08vb http://www.readingmatrix.com/articles/horning/article5.pdf In other words: The reading and writing process themselves have not changed. In other words: Our use of language is evolving, especially in digital environments. In other words: Texts are evolving. Use this link to edit, annotate or create. http://prezi.com/pqvj3po5w8hu/edit/?auth_key=ovviqxx&follow=a4fhvl4j08vb Use this link to edit. If you're interested in editing but unfamiliar with Prezi, the three tutorial videos run about 15 minutes in total. You'll be competent to edit and create after viewing them. http://prezi.com/learn/ Created by:
Joe Dillon
jedillon915@gmail.com You say you want an evolution? evolution of communication Rob's stab at this letters / phone calls email IM prezi blog twitter MOBILE nodes brief explanation of nodes: http://robsnell84.edublogs.org/ Nice idea! this is my contribution.
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