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The Devils Arithmetic

No description

gs students

on 18 February 2017

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Transcript of The Devils Arithmetic

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Gas Ovens
The gas ovens were used to kill the Jews. If they looked as if they couldn't work, they would be placed & killed in the gas ovens.
characters (continued)
The Devils Arithmetic
By Kenzie and Brianna
Pg. 101
Benches all around.
Showers- ice cold water
cold room
loud wooden floors
Plain/ bare room
Scissors and razors
Hair on the floor

Dressing room
The room was a small, low-ceiling place with a single window high up under the eaves. An unadorned light bulb dangled down over several long wooden tables piled high with clothes. Mainly dresses.
The dresses were ragged and worn down and smelled peculiar, with a lingering, dank oder, part old sweat and part something else.
Smoke stack
Sometimes, the Jews would be able to see smoke coming from a large building. This is what they called the " smoke stack." If a Jew was "chosen", in other words, killed, they would be put into the building to get rid of all evidence that they were killed.
Hannah's Parents
Aunt Eva
Gitl Rabbi
Rivka Aaron
Schmuel Rachel
Grandma Belle
Grandpa Will
Aunt Rose
Commandent Breuer

The barracks they were assigned had a long brick oven along one end and deep trenches on the sides,in which sleeping shelves were placed. Like triple bunk beds, at impossibly narrow intervals.
No pillows. No blankets.
Box cars
The box cars were full of dozens of people at a time.They spent 2-4 days average riding in these box cars. People died for many reasons in the box cars. Lack of food/water, illnesses, or they got killed by soldiers. They got fed very little. The water they got, if any, was dirty. But for as little water as they got, they didn't care how dirty it was, water was water.
Important quotes
"you're a name, not a number" -Rivka
"We are ALL monsters" -Hannah

"Whithout laughter there is no hope. Whithout hope there is no life" -Gitl
There was over 40,000 camps, and up to 6 million jews died.
Memories can bring people together ,although they may be the worst memories, you may learn to be closer through remembering.
Works cited
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