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The Odyssey

No description

Kyle Ishida

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of The Odyssey

The Odyssey

By:Kyle Ishida Introduction Odysseus departs from Calypso's Island ten years after the Trojan War. (pg. 1047)
Odysseus arrived in Phaeacia, which was ruled by Alcinous.(pg. 1047)
Alcinous offers a ship to to Odysseus because he tells him he need to get back home from Ithica. (pg. 1047)
All are in the Yellow Box Lotus Eaters Horizontal Plot Points Odysseus and his men set sail and crash landed onto the land of the Lotus Eaters. (pg. 1049)
Odysseus' men were offered edible Lotuses. (pg 1049)
This made his men not wanting to leave the land of the Lotus Eaters. (pg. 1049)
Also losing several men. (pg. 1049) Cyclope's Island Odysseus' crew again set sailing to the island of the Cyclops, and intrud into his lair. (pg. 1050) Then Odysseus lets the Cyclops consume his men. (pg. 1054)
Stabs the Cyclops in the eye. (pg. 1056)
Does not kill the cyclops because he know if they do they are trapped in the Cyclopes' lair. (pg. 1059-1060) Aeolia Aeolus, the king of the winds gives Odysseus a Bag of Winds
This Bag of Winds brings them only back to Aeola and is then banised from the his island. The Land of the Dead The Land of the Laetrygones They Are cannibals! Oddysseus accidentally stumblezs upon this islan infested by a cannibal race.
They then leave tha land of Laestrygones. Aeaea (Circe) A spell is put upon Odysseus' men.
He then persuades Circe to release them.
Circe then helps and tells them thier next destination All 3 are found on pg. 1064 (yellow box) At the Land of the Dead, he encounters his mom, and his deceased men. (pg. 1067)
And then he starts to cry, but stops to show his strength. (pg. 1067) The Sirens Odysseus then returns to Circe for Advice and then tells him where his next destination is.(pg. 1071 yellow box)
The Sirens give out a melody that tempts them to go to them. (pg 1072)
Odysseus covers thier ears with wax and are safe from the sounds of the Sirens. (pg. 1072) Scylla and Charybdis For the crew to make it back, they are going to have to sail through Charybdis, the giant whirpool.
And they are going to have to go thorugh Scylla, the beast.
He has to sacrafice some of his men to get through it. (pg 1075) Cattle of the Sun God Odysseus tells his men not to eat the cttle of the a God.
They do not listen and they eat the cattle. (pg. 1077)
Sun God punishes them and kills all of Odysseus' men and destroyed his ship. I am Dead!!!! Ogygia or Calypso Odysseus then gets to Calypso's Island.
At Calypso's Island, Odysseus has an affair with the Nymph Goddess.
He is trapped there for 20 years. Phaecia Tells his entire journey's story to the King of Phaecia. (pg. 1090 yellow box) Ithaca Athena diguises Odysseus as a beggar so no one knows who he is. (pg. 1090)
Thelemachus arrives and Odysseus is now changed back to look stunning. Ithica part 2 They are going to go and fight the Suitors. (pg. 1092)
Odysseus finds his dog, Augus, out to die. (pg. 1097)
They kill all of the Suitors. (pg. 1110) Diagonal Plot Symbol: Argus the Dog! Argus was a minor part of the story. But though he was a minor character of the story, he did have an impact on Odysseus after seeing him left for dead. Motif: The Gods Thorughout the entire story of the Odyssey, the Gods were a reoccuring symbol. These Gods helped him, tried to kill him and his crew. and one in particular, actually had an affair with Odysseus. Simile: "They came up 'round the wreck, bobbing awhile like petrals on the waves." pg 1081 Foreshadow: Circe Verticle Plot
+ Internal and External Conflicts External: When Odysseys leaves his men andthey eat the cattle.
All his men die by many other things they encountered on thier journey.
Encountering his mother and all his deceased men in the Underworld.
Him praying to Posidion. Internal Conflicts: When seeing his Mom, and his men at the Underworld he has an minor emotional breakdown.
After seeing is almost dead dog, Argus, made him realize much better things.
Odysseus was scared after he had entered the Land of the Dead.
Is very angry after he sees the men trying to marry his wife , Penelope.
He felt determined when he was trying to win over his wife, to take her hand in marriage. (again) Odysseus' Key Actions Key actions: Odysseus takes the ship and is determined to get back home to Ithica
Stabs the Cyclops in the eye instead of killing him.
Has an affair with a goddess.
Tells the men no to eat the Sun God's cattle.
Is detemined to find Penelope after hitting the targets.
Kills all th Suitors with his som Telemachus. Odysseus' Grad on Grad Intellectually Competent Using the Cyclops by not killing him but opening the lair of the Cyclops.
Had to sacrifice some of his men to save the rest of the crew.(A risky Sacrifice)
Not Intellectually Competent
Falls asleep when men are in danger. Open to Growth Listens to Circe's Advice when he needed to seek help.
Doesn't eat the Lotuses from the Lotus Eaters.

Not Open to Growth
Doesn't listen to his crew.
Commited to Justice He also helps his men escape from the lair of the Cyclops.
Helps the men Remember to get home and have determination.

Not Commited to Justice

He sacafices his men to get himslef back home.

Religious Odysseus prays for guidance to the gods.
Worships the Gods

No signs of not being religious

Loving When fighting to get his wife back, he is determined to get her back.

Not Loving
Odysseus has an affair with a Goddess.
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