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#OpenDataDemand Indonesia

No description

Felipe Estefan

on 9 September 2013

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Transcript of #OpenDataDemand Indonesia

What is the demand for open data?
Offline Pilots
Challenges to Measuring Demand

Anecdote driven– where do my stories and experiences fit?

Online Open Data Activities vs. Offline Beneficiaries of International Development

How do we start defining the “unknown unknown?”
65% of the world population is offline
Demand Research
Take Open Data Offline for Feedback

Understand what is useful about current information offerings at ground level:
What information is available?
How is information being used?

Understand what else would be useful:
How would information be used?

Community Generated Products & Communication Exercise:
How should information be communicated?
Intercepts faulty URL submissions and offers survey

Random sample
Country specific (Indonesia & Kenya)
Basic questions on access and use of financial information provided by government and international organizations

Results to be compared to survey & offline pilots

Felipe Estefan FEstefan@worldbank.org
Nano Survey
48 hours = 2000+ responses
12% completion rate
Early Results
Submissions from 26 countries
Users of open data (90.5% of respondents) have also used financial data (75.6%)
CSO driven use cases in Morocco & Nigeria
Why Desa Ban?
Offline Community
Presence of development projects including participatory PNPM projects
Local partner (Kopernik) network community
Online & Offline
Open Data Demand Research Pilot
PILOT: Desa Ban

Sam Lee SLee23@worldbank.org
Community Meeting
Getting Additional Data
from Sub-District PNPM office
PNPM Project Information Board
Community Session Structure
Community Convenes
Desa Ban Youth Group Interacts with Data
Desa Ban Women's Group Interacts with Data
Youth Group Designs Community-Generated Poster
Community-Generated Poster Being Finalized
Sharing Poster in the Local Market
Conducting Survey on Communication Preferences
Multi-media Documentation
Why does open financial/contracting data matter?
What should guide publisher of open data and open government advocates?
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