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GoTelecare - Business Partnership

No description

Alex Marz

on 11 November 2016

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Transcript of GoTelecare - Business Partnership

- Overview -
GoTelecare Business Partnership & Services

Portfolio & Background
Product Capabilities Summary
Secure Video Conferencing
Scheduling function
Web-based EMR, nationwide eScripts and Lab Orders
Mobile App in iTunes and Google Play store
Payment Eligibility Verification
Insurance Claim Processing
Patient Copay Processing
Medical Billing & Collections
Medical Provider Credentialing
Patient Access to Providers
All you need is a recent desktop/laptop computer, HD webcam, browser and internet connection.
No special software to install.
Use an iPad & iPhone with our mobile app!
Telehealth Services Overview

Consultations when and where needed
Supplement office-visits – faster access
No expensive video conferencing equipment
End-to-end telehealth solution
Our back-office team supports providers and patients
We train providers & staff on telehealth services
Comprehensive technology platform for HIPAA compliant video conferencing between healthcare providers and patients
Telehealth Services
Back-office operations for medical billing & claims processing for both telehealth consultations and in-office appointments
Medical Billing Services

Headquartered in New York City, NY (Madison Ave)
Medical Billing – 12 Years
Telehealth – 3 years

Provider Attending Consultation
Facility Consultation Request
Technology & Processes fully HIPAA and PCI Payment Compliant

Product Differentiators
One of the only telehealth company's that accepts patient’s insurance
No monthly membership dues or additional out of pocket costs
Process claims for the provider
Pre-authorization to ensure payment before the consultation occurs
No upfront cost or monthly subscription fees
Market Drivers
: Healthcare providers face increasing costs, declining revenues

Decrease existing costs associated with medical billing.
Increase patient attention by staff.
Increase profitability immediately.
Medical Billing Solutions

Increase the number of paid consultations which results in more revenue per patient.
Improve patient access.
Competitive edge over other providers in your area.
Telehealth Solutions

Market Drivers Continued
: Growing Shortage of Providers

Disperses provider availability across the state
Increase provider services to under served, rural areas
Patients have access to the best providers throughout the state
Decrease patient wait times for specialists
Telehealth Solution

Market Drivers Continued
: In the past, insurance companies refused to reimburse for telehealth consultations

: Significant increase in government support - state & federal

Medicare pays for telehealth nationwide in underserved areas
Facilities are financially incentivized
Medicaid mandated to cover telehealth in many states
Nearly all other states have legislation in process or on governors desks
Client Targets for GoTelecare Services

Telehealth & Medical Billing Services:
Medical Practices
Hospitals - General & Surgical
Nursing Homes & Personal Care Facilities
Home Healthcare Agencies
Assisted Living Facilities
Public & Private Education Facilities
Correctional Facilities
Business Partnership Benefits

Low total investment

Ongoing, residual income from patient consults & billing

Work flexibility – work from home

4) Your
main responsibility for client acquisition
Back office services all of your client's

Unmatched training, marketing materials & sales support

6) In-house lead generation team
Client Targets for GoTelecare Services
Medical Billing Services via Sun Knowledge
(parent company of GoTelecare, same ownership):
Durable Medical Equipment Co
Lowest in the industry -
Excellent references
Keeps DME's profitable
Orthotics and Prosthetics Co.
Hospitals/ Clinics/ Dr. office
Health Insurance Co.
Revenue Cycle Management Co.
Revenue Sharing Model
: Your share = up to 40% gross revenue
Individual providers
$10 per consultation
Healthcare Facility
$20 per consultation
Optional Upfront Discounted Pricing
$1,500-$10,000/month (based on consultation volume)
Revenue Sharing Model
Medical Billing
: Your share = up to 20% Net Revenue
GoTelecare fee to client: 4% of claims collected
National Average = 6-11% of claims collected
Comprehensive telehealth services with back-end medical billing to satisfy the needs of both telehealth and the physical medical business

Relationship of Telehealth & Medical Billing

Detailed analysis will be attached to follow up email
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