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Ben Willmore

Photo project

Angela Hosmer

on 6 June 2010

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Transcript of Ben Willmore

Ben Willmore Different than the Rest Founder of Digital Mastery
2004 Photoshop Hall Of Fame
Extremly unique type of editing in photoshop
Different view points in each photo
Almost Fantasy like Ben's passion for photography developed at a young age. Almost three decades passed while Ben established himself as a skilled graphic designer and and photoshop guru. He taught over 80,000 Photoshop users, author of many awared winning books and was inducted into the Photoshop Hall of Fame.
In early 2006 he could finally focus on what he had wanted to do almost his entire life. Ben traded his home in colorado for a 40 ft. touring bus so he could venture out and photograph his subjects Bens Life "I sold my house two years ago and started living a mobile lifestyle... I love the feeling of having no mortgage or debt of any kind and being able to explore wherever I please. I live in a 40' motor coach. Like John Madden if you're into sports.. if you don't know sports, then you'll have no idea what that means, so just think of what bands cruise around the country in. I was in over 28 states last year." Visual Facts My Favorite 10 Photos
Unique point of view
Intriguing photoshop
Apocalyptic feeling This photo was taken in, what looks to be
an abandoned motel on route 66. It has a
feeling of chaos due to all of the various items
in the room and because of the colors he had used
in photoshop. He enhanced this photo and made it
to look fantasy like.
I absolutely love this photo. I find it extremely interesting.
This is just one of many photos that shows he has a
different perspective than others. This photo shows his
great photoshoping technics. Strengths It’s not Kittens and Puppies he takes pictures of,
It’s so much more.
If you want to see some unique photos
check out ben willmore limerick Work Cited
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