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Tony Longson

on 7 February 2016

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Transcript of ART494

ART494 animation
This class teaches the principles of 3D computer animation. Weekly lectures and demonstrations are related to a series of increasingly challenging practical exercises. The class deals with technical and aesthetic issues in animation. Your practical work should address both these concerns. Animation is the effective communication of ideas in time and space.

Frequent reviews ("crits") of your work will show
your progress and provide feedback for improving your work. You must learn to contribute effectively to these crits in discussing
the work of your colleagues.

Grading (based on University Guidelines) is based on your creative and technical solutions to the animation projects. Projects must be completed on time. If so, you may continue to refine the project up to the last week, when it may qualify for a better grade. Projects not completed on time will not get a grade.

Please arrive on time, and prepared to work.
Cell phones and music players are not to be used in class.
email: Tony.Longson@calstatela.edu

office hours:
M 1:30 - 2:00 p.m. in FA224
please email to book a time

send images or movies to me for technical or creative responses to your work and ideas at any time.
make a sphere and key frame the vertical (y-axis)
motion. use the graph editor to control the weight
and timing of the ball's bounce.

add squash and stretch.

add the horizontal (x or z-axis) motion.

add rotation to the movement (you'll need a texture
to show the rotation)

add a floor. lights and shadow
render the movie
bouncing ball
FK walk cycle
design and build a bi-ped figure using primitives.

use parent/child hierarchy, origins, and limits for your

using forward kinematics (FK) animate your figure in one
complete walk cycle on the spot.

use the graph editor to make sure the start and end
points are smooth and continuous.

animate your figure, with some moving background
elements, from three views - side, front and 3/4.

give your character a distinct personality.
using a ready-made rig, such as Basic Guy, create a
single complete moving walk cycle using inverse
kinematics (IK).

use the graph editor's "cycle" function to repeat the

animate three views of the walk cycle

have your character do something else, such as
pointing at an object or turning his head.
IK walk cycle
facial animation
using a ready-made rig, such as Basic Guy, have
your character move facial features to mimic a
short piece of dialog

facial expressions should reinforce the meaning or
emotion behind the dialog

use body movement to reinforce the expression
final project
develop a short story of about 30 seconds in which
you set up a situation, an event, and a reaction.
ADA: In accordance with University Policy:
"Reasonable accommodation will be provided to any student who is registered with the Office of Students with Disabilities and requests needed accommodation."
01 M
what is animation?
Creative : bringing inanimate objects to life
Technical : objects affected by transformations over time
using keyframes and interpolation

What do the experts say?

bouncing ball project
object attributes
transformations, color, etc.
keyframes and interpolation
the graph editor : ease in / ease out

01 W
review / lab

02 M
bouncing ball final review
Forward Kinematics walk cycle project
modelling hierarchies, parent child relation, origin of
building a bi-ped

02 W
animating the bi-ped using Forward Kinematics
create a walk cycle "on the spot"
add a floor with a texture map, lights and shadows
render the walk cycle from three views (side, front, 3/4s)
assemble the movies in After Effects

03 M
MLK day, campus closed

03 W
Inverse Kinematics walk cycle project
Use the Basic Guy rig
a "layered" approach to animation

04 M/W
I will be out of town for the week attending and exhibition
The lab will be open.

05 M/W
FK / IK project final review
Lip-sync project
the concept of blend-shapes
facial animation, phonemes and visemes
getting a soundtrack
Pose to Pose animation for facial expressions
Visor and Trax editor

06 M/W
review / lab
animating the camera
aspect ratio, resolution, safe area
pan, track (dolly), zoom, depth of field

07 M
Lip-sync project final review

Final Project - 30 second movie
scene breakdown
framing (camera), staging, blocking in
assemble components
texture maps, lights, objects
progressive refinement of animation
compositing and post-production

07 W
storyboard review

08 M
animatic review
08 W
09 M
09 W
Final Project interim review
10 M/W

Finals M
Final Project review

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