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Copy of Directivas de Aeronavegabilidad

Documentos - Ingeniería Aeronáutica

Fabian Gomez

on 23 August 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Directivas de Aeronavegabilidad

Documentos de Ingeniería
Directivas de Aeronavegabilidad
Uno de los elementos más importantes para asegurar la aeronavegabilidad, es tener al día, todas las AD's que aplican a la aeronave, motor, hélice y appliance, analizadas y cumplidas.
Pero qué es una AD?
What is the responsibility of aircraft owners/operators?
Generally, ADs
An Emergency AD is issued when an unsafe condition exists that requires immediate action by an owner/operator. The intent of an Emergency AD is to rapidly correct an urgent safety of flight situation.
What is a superseded AD?
An AD is considered no longer in effect when it is superseded by a new AD. The superseding AD identifies the AD that is no longer in effect. There are no compliance requirements for an AD that has been superseded
What is an Alternative Method of Compliance (AMOC) for an Airworthiness Directive (AD
Different approaches or techniques that are not specified in an AD can, after FAA approval, be used to correct an unsafe condition on an aircraft or aircraft product. Although the alternative may not have been known at the time the AD was issued, an alternative method could be acceptable to accomplish the intent of the AD. A compliance time that differs from the requirements of the AD can also be approved if the revised time period provides an acceptable level of safety that is at least equivalent to that of the requirements of the AD
Aircraft owners and operators are responsible for ensuring compliance with the requirements of all ADs that apply to their aircraft. Anyone who operates a product that does not meet the requirements of an applicable AD is in violation of 14 CFR ...¿¿??
A description of the unsafe condition
The product to which the AD applies
The required corrective action or operating limitations, or both
The AD effective date
A compliance time
Where to go for more information
Information on alternative methods of compliance with the requirements of the AD
What types of Airworthiness Directives (AD's) are issued?
Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM), followed by a Final Rule
Final Rule; Request for Comments---- -60 d
¿Qué carácter tiene?
¿Por quien es emitida?
¿Qué establece?
¿Por qué se emitió?
Service Bulletin
Emitido por.....?
Cual es su fin?
Que contiene?
Service Letter
Recommended changes to operating or maintenance practices, troubleshooting suggestions, information about future changes to the airplane, and resolution of issues related to airplane or component production
Availability of a service bulletin or a supplier service bulletin for fleet retrofit/modification.

Service letters are used to provide information related to new or preferred spares options.
de una AD ..
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