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Your Brain

No description

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of Your Brain

Feed Your Brain
Your Brain
Sections of the Brain
Here is basic diagram of the brain: the sections and what they do.

A modern look at brain mapping. Don't need to know this, just for interest.
This is a brain cell and works with electricity and various chemicals to create your thoughts.
This is how one neuron plugs into another neuron to pass a message via the axons and dendrites.
This is where it all happens. This is you. Your personality, your emotions and character all come for this 1.6kg organ.
Closer look
Neuron Transmitting
This is an animated video of neurons transmitting. It happens much faster than this.
The brain sends and receives messages via the spinal cord.
Send Out The Message
Putting It Together
The combination of the brain and all the nerves used to connect the brain to the body is called the Central Nervous System and it looks like this.
Go to our classroom moodle and do the assignment on The Central Nervous system. Download it to your desktop, complete it, save it and resubmit it.
The Sections of the Brain
Know these areas and their functions:

Frontal Lobe: Higher Reasoning
Parietal Lobe: Senses
Temporal Lobe: Sound and speech
Occipital Lobe: Vision
Cerebellum: Balance and coordination
Brain Stem: Automatic functions (breathing and heart)
<---(don't memorize this, just
know what it looks like
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