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Contemporary TV & Social Messages - Tal Azran

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coco michelle

on 15 March 2011

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Transcript of Contemporary TV & Social Messages - Tal Azran



WOMEN VS.MEN " Women anchors highest - rated barrier was theemphasis on their physical appearance lack of profession networks and support groups ranked the highest for men"
Engstrom & Ferri (2001)

The difference between them:
Women - Have to look good
Men - Have to have professional experience The Majority age group of Women Anchors are up to 34 Wood (1979)
"Older Male are more credible than older Women Anchors"
"Younger Women are more credible than younger Male Anchors"
Gallagher (2005)
"Most of the News reporters for stories are Male" Helwerth (2002)
"Editors believe that Male Newscasters would be more credible than Females"
Ballmer-Cao, 2000; Eagly & Karau, (2002)
"Limited numbers of women in top television management" Turkish News Anchors
Studies Theoretical Research Research Question
Is physical attraction in Turkish Prime time Tv news more important for Female presenters than for their male counterparts? Breaking the Anchorman Monopoly
Katie Couric
CBS NEWS Katie Couric, 49, was named the first solo female evening anchor, she came with a fat paycheck, a big name and high--often contradictory--expectations. CBS hailed her for breaking the gender barrier and called her the antidote to the "voice of God" anchor Even though Courier was older than average criteria for women anchors her physical appearance is tempting the audience. Soderlund, Surlin & Romanow (1989)
"Government policy has effect on the ratio of males and females appearing in local Canadian television news anchor and reporter roles the placement and length of these appearances, and the type of stories assigned" What about Turkish Prime Time News? She was born in 1972
One of the most famous female news anchor in Turkey.
In 1991 got the 3rd place in a beauty contest.
Studied Journalism and became news editor and presenter for one of the biggest TV channels in Turkey - Show TV. Defne Samyeli Top 10 Turkish News Anchors
1st top 3 are Male presenters
The list is divided equally, 5 females & 5 male.
The age of women are between 33 - 41
The age of men are between 48 - 70 Ugur Dündar A clip from His news broadcast. Feeling free to express his feelings toward the government.
The website of the Conservative party in Turkey, also PM and The presidents party elected the best anchors in Turkish media:
The top 8 are all male anchors. Ugur Dündar
He was born in 1943
He is one of the most powerful Anchorman on Air. Different views Conservative A Turkish liberal website forum's top 9:
4 Female and 5 Male Anchors.
The top 2 presenters are male.

10 Hrs of Prime time News
4 Biggest Turkish channels:
3 private channels & a national public channel
Star TV, Kanal D, NTV and TRT channel Methodology

Qualitative Research Coding Frame Female Vs. Male Anchors
Physical appearance
Hair color
Pay check
Hard News or Soft News
Presentation in the Media Banu Guven
She was born in 1969
She is news Anchor in NTV
Chosen the best female Anchor of 2010
A clip from her broadcast -
Guest - Philosopher Noam Chomsky Content Analysis Liberal vs Why is this important?
Do we really care of who is presenting the news to us?
News is a serious subject it should not be turned to entertainment business considering presenters looks
This cannot be said for male anchors.
Even though discrimination against female anchors has been lifted do we take it serious? or are they only "Eye Candies" for the audience?
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