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GEL games for class

No description

Go English Live

on 1 January 2017

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Transcript of GEL games for class

What about “um?” It means something, but what exactly? “Um” is the classic example of what linguistics terms a filler, a sound which signals a pause (rather a conclusion) to the other people involved.
Count the amount of fillers in the 1 minute
You have to draw a line and count the complete ideas or sentences and then divide them by the amount of fillers used in the minute.
Ideal score for the mad minute
15 ideas or sentences without any fillers would be great.
GEL games for class
Word Reference
Describe a word that you know or don´t know.
The words
Take advantage of new words in class and have your students describe them. We are going to have problems with words. This will prepare them for those situations.
Simple game
Its so easy to do and will really help your students get out of sticky situations
The mad minute
Learning outcome:
1. Get your students talking
2. Give them 1 minute
3. Use the class topics for the topic
Exp. if you are in a class and something interesting comes up. Stop the class and choose a student. Time him or her and see how many full ideas she can tell you in a minute.
4 sentences said in the minute
3 fillers
It takes time to develop the skill
2 games in every class
Mad minute
Word reference
This game will help your students speaking competency
It will teach them to speak under pressure
Individual score- and a good way to measure the success of the class.
3. Only 1 student at a time. Its not OK to do this activity with more then one student. the others have to wait for another moment in class.
4. One at a time
space them out
Count them
Take turns with your students through our the class.
What´s that word?
it´s an adjective
It´s common when people are famous
She is _______
These two games will give your students the confidence they will need to talk to anybody.
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