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Interpersonal Communication

CM 200 Week One

Sunny Hughes

on 26 August 2014

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Transcript of Interpersonal Communication

Interpersonal Communication
SPC 2300
Dr. Sunny Skye Hughes

The Knowledge-Skills-Motivation Model
Is it possible "NOT" to communicate?
The Communication Spectrum
The Communication Model
Communication Elements
5 Principles of Communication
Relationship Success
Other-Oriented Communication
Electronically Mediated Communication

Studies how two people interact with one another and how factors such as listening skills, gender and culture influence that communication.
The Communication Spectrum
Goals for Class:
How does communication work?
What are the elements of communication?
What are the principles of communication?
What are the rules of communication?

Become aware of how you influence your role in the world around you.
Acquire skills through practice
Translate knowledge to action.
Feedback from others.
Hear it, see it, do it, correct it.

You must want to improve communication with others.
Use your knowledge and skills.
You must want to improve.
You must want to connect with others.

You must engage in the work to change your habits and beliefs.
Most people spend 80-90% of their waking hours communicating with others.

Other-Oriented Communication: To be aware of the thoughts, needs, experiences, personality, emotions, motives, desires, culture and goals of your communication partners while still maintaining your own integrity.
Interpersonal Communication:
A distinctive, transactional form of communication involving mutual influence, usually for the purpose of managing relationships.
Verbal or nonverbal communication about communication.
Human Communication
Mass Communication
Public Communication
Interpersonal Communication
Small Group Communication
Intrapersonal Communication
Elements of Communication Process
Why IPC?
Improve Relationships with Family
Improve Relationships with Friends/Lovers
Improve Relationships with Colleagues/Classmates
Improve Physical and Emotional Health

Most employers say that the ability to work well with others is one of the things they look for in potential hires!
Five Principles of Communication:

Interpersonal Communication connects us to others

Interpersonal communication is irreversible

Interpersonal Communication is complicated

Interpersonal communication is governed by rules

Interpersonal communication involves both content and relationship dimensions
Relationship Rules

Respect each other's privacy
Don't reveal each other's secrets
Look the other person in the eye during conversation
Don't criticize the other person publicly

Connection established when we communicate with another person.
Electronically Mediated Communication:
Communication that is not face to face, but rather is sent via a medium such as a smartphone or the Internet.

time delay

"Rules of Cell Phones"

Dear Class....
Putting Knowledge and Skills to Action

Recap/Final Thoughts
If Communication can fail, it will.
If a message can be understood in different ways, it will be understood in just that way which does the most harm.
There is always somebody who knows better than you what you meant by your message.
The more communication there is, the more difficult it is for communication to succeed.
--Professor Osmo Wiio
Dear Class,
My friend on Instagram (hotgurrlll191) is always posting selfies. It gets so old. Nobody cares! Does she only care about how she looks? Can't she just post pictures of her breakfast? WT...? Am I being Silly?
Dear class,
I am a manager at a small private retail store. My employees Facebook all day on their phones like it's NBD. What is going on with 20-somethings today? Don't they have manners?
Over half of all marriages fail!
It's All About Perception

How I see me
How I see you
How I think you see me

How you see you
How you see me
How you think I see you
Complete your journal in Canvas
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