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Derrick Rose

No description

Alonte Smith

on 15 February 2013

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Transcript of Derrick Rose

Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com growing up Derrick rose was born on october 4 1988 High School he was enrolled at Simon career academy. Rose had someone else take his SAT for him Grades College Rose accepted a scholarship to play for the University of Memphis Tigers derrick rose has only been on the bulls in the nba. Team Derrick rose By Alonte Smith derrick plays pg for his team. he grew up in Chicago IL. He was the youngest of four boys. Older siblings Dwayne, Reggie and Allan were all huge Bulls fans his brothers challenged him and made him train. he played freshmen and JV team for the wolverines He wore No. 25 in honor of Ben "Benji" Wilson. didn't make varsity because he was a freshman. In Rose's debut, he had 22 points, 7 rebounds and 5 steals over Thornwood High School. Rose chose Memphis because of the school's history of putting players in the NBA Memphis was seeded No. 1 in the South Region Rose earned high praise for his increased focus on defense Memphis concluded the season 38–2 in high school he played for Simon career academy the wolverines in collage he played for the Memphis tigers derrick rose had a slight grade boost which helped him get into collage. Rose had a D in a class and that would have cut him from the team but it was altered rose was passing all classes with a B or A rose got his grades up and graduated memphis and follow the rest of his career in the nba. Average in High School Roses GP was a 132 in his career in high school roses SPG was 2.7 in High School Roses APG was 8.2 Roses Rpg was 6.2 Roses PPG was 21.1 Basketball Derrick has been a fan of basketball all his life. Derricks favorite team has always been the bulls. Derrick played basketball for Memphis for only one year Derrick has practiced his whole life and it has paid off derrick is a great asset to the bulls Life In his life he didn't have a good financial life His brothers pushed him hard to get him better and faster All his life he has practiced and got better at basketball When he graduated from Memphis it put a smile on his family's face Derrick is now playing on the Chicago bulls sitting due to a injury Career Derrick has been playing basketball since was a kid Derrick is on the bulls right now derrick averages 20.2 points a game Derrick is out and has been out for the whole season with a torn Achilles Derrick has won rookie of the year and been in a superstar game
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