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Copy of Mass Fatality - TDEM Conference

April 5, 2012

Allison Woody

on 14 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Mass Fatality - TDEM Conference


Morgue Operations

Family Assistance Center Introduction Project Fund Housing Agency Partner Region Planning Team Allison Woody, Project Coordinator

Dave Boyer, Incident Site/Morgue Planner

Greg Smith, Family Assistance Center Planner
Mass Fatality Overview Definition Any incident producing
fatalities that overwhelm
local resources Variables Mass fatality sites and human remains resulting from the incident will vary greatly depending upon type and scale of incident Incident Types Man-made, Accidental Natural Man-made, Intentional 3 Components Security and access control
Search and rescue
Investigation and evidence collection
Body recovery
Personal effects
Share information with family members - MANAGE EXPECTATIONS
Provide access to support services
Facilitate collection of ante-mortem information and records
Facilitate death notification and disposition arrangements
The manner in which the families are treated may be the determining factor in the success of the MFI response. Family and Friends... where do they turn? Assumptions This project works for the needs, capabilities, hazards, and idiosyncrasies of the H-GAC region. It may not be the answer for other Texas regions.

The plan is designed to work on a regional level before state/federal assets are activated.

The project is designed to integrate with the state's MFM plan for continuity in response.

As with other response plans, the MFM plan requires cooperation between officials and first responders. Thank you for your time. Number of Victims

Condition of HR HR Recovery

Victim Identification Responders

Geography Community Impact

Interest to Others 10:1 - walk-ins to victims
100:1 - calls to victims FAC Personnel Requirements Hold appropriate licensure/certification
No media affiliation
Not related to any victim
Emotionally stable
Professional Tri-State Crematory, Walker County, GA Hurricane Katrina, Gulfport Airport, MS Established to accommodate surge capacity that surpasses routine capabilities
Temporary structures or existing facilities can house morgue operations
Any structure used MUST be secured and access controlled Temporary Morgue Operations Difficult and lengthy process
Cold storage is a must
SMEs with proper licensure are required
Not all recovered HR may be identified
Challenges of Identification Local Medical Examiners or Justices of the Peace retain responsibility for human remains even when assistance arrives

Capabilities vary greatly between jurisdictions

In some locations, smaller incidents can be managed by existing facilities augmented with resources

Large scale incidents require a temporary morgue and staffing support Mass Fatality Planning: Don't Let It Bury You Plan Template it is more than just "fill in the blank" Forward
How to Use This Template
Pre-Planning Considerations
Planning Checklist
Jurisdictional Template how can this help you? Review Target Capabilities Assessment Plan Incorporation Determine Pre-existing Response Plans Review HVA Planning Checklist Field Operating Guide Pre-Planning Considerations Summary list can typically be found in the County/City EOP Elected Officials
Medico-legal Authority
Law Enforcement
NGOs Identify Plan Stakeholders Where does your plan best fit into your exisiting EOP? Addresses the following questions... Who are the planning stakeholders?

What are the agency responsibilities?

What resources - people and stuff?

Who are the regional partners?

What DO I know?

What DON'T I know? Template Covers site management, morgue operations, family assistance with related appendices time for a little class participation... Ultimately...
How do you "not let it bury you"? MFM Planning doesn't have to be overwhelming. Use the template, the FOG, and your friendly regional planners!
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