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Tools for Planning STEAM Units/Lessons

Intended outcomes for this learning event is for participants to: Identify characteristics of STEAM lessons Enhance lessons by embedding characteristics of STEAM lesson

Denise Hudson

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Tools for Planning STEAM Units/Lessons

Welcome & Outcomes:
Identify characteristics of STEAM Lessons
Enhance lessons by embedding STEAM characteristics Tools for Planning STEAM Lessons/Units Seating Challenge Purple Tile Sort STEAM Guide Building a Guide for STEAM Characteristics Make yourself part of a pair that meets 1 of the following criteria:
The pair is made of 1 elementary and 1 middle school teacher
The pair is made of teachers who have the maximum difference between their students grade levels Sort 1: General Best Practices & STEAM Focused Practices http://ToolsForSTEAM.weebly.com 2. STEAM Guide Draft
Individual STEAM Guides - adjusted as needed
Insert column headings
Add bullets below using the tiles as a guide
leave space between bullets Sort 2: "STEAM Focused Practices" Tiles
Sort into groups based on common characteristics 1. Magenta Tiles
Sort "student engagement" tiles under purple tiles
Discuss the impact of the "teacher engagement" on the "student engagement"
2-3 persons who teach at similar grade levels
Think back to the "tower challenge" lesson - What STEAM characteristics might be part of this lesson?
Choose the elementary or secondary "Paper Tower Challenge"
Use your STEAM Guides to identify and discuss STEAM characteristics Title groups using Post-It Notes
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