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Informative speech: Plastic Surgery

No description

Jackie Gang

on 23 July 2013

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Transcript of Informative speech: Plastic Surgery

Informative Speech: Jackie Gang
→ Began around the 6th century
Negative Side
Side Effects
→ Death and allergy reactions
→ Nerve damages
→ Scars
→ Addiction
What is Plastic Surgery?
Plastic Surgery
→ In the Western world, it was performed
in 1815 by Joseph Carpue
→ Due to its dangerousness, could not be admitted
until the 20th century
Major Development

→ During WWI,
Harold Gillies, a New Zealand doctor in London
He developed modern facial surgery

→ During WWII,
The U.S army hired 2 men as plastic surgeons

skin flap performance in 1917
Plastic Surgery
in the U.S.
According to an article on Guardian News and Media,
→ number of procedures performed increased 50%
as "Cosmetic Surgery"
# of US cosmetic procedure
→ 7.4 million procedures in 2000
→ 14 million procedures in 2011(appx. $10.1 billion )
→ # of procedures in 2011
→ Key facts
1. The biggest cosmetic treatment: Botox
→ increased by 5%
2. Breast enhancement is the top surgical procedure
3. The biggest increase: Chin augmentation
→ increased by 71%
4. The biggest decrease: Hair transplant
→ decreased by 17%
→ Increase in male procedures

Conclusion of this article
→ "business is booming despite the recession"
Needles and Sutures: US cosmetic procedures
Plastic Surgery in Asia:
South Korea
According to an article by Emily Fairbairn,
the ISAPS study revealed that South Koreans
are most likely to go under the knife.
→ 1 in 77: tuck, peel, jab or lift done
→ 20% of women aged 19-49: enhance their looks with surgery
Gangnam style girls
The Final 20 of Miss Korea
What is wrong with them?
Works Cited
Fairbairn, Emily. "How Do You Solve a Problem, Lipo Korea?" Features RSS. N.p., 02 Feb. 2013. Web. 20 July 2013.
"Plastic Surgery." Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 18 July 2013. Web. 20 July 2013.
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