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Drawing Perspective

Intro for Drawing One students on perspective drawings and terms!

Andrea Slusarski

on 1 June 2016

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Transcript of Drawing Perspective

What is it?
In drawing or painting, a way of portraying three dimensions on a flat, two-dimensional surface by suggesting depth or distance.
It's flat! Just like the drawing paper you are using.
We are 3D. We have a height, width, and depth.
Using Perspective:
It allows us to take our 2D drawings to a whole new level.
DEPTH: Distance in art between objects.

1 PT
A drawing has one-point perspective when it contains only one
vanishing point
on the
horizon line
A drawing has two-point
perspective when it contains two vanishing points on the horizon line.
Then you can get crazy!
THREE Point!
How a person sees the world when standing up. When drawing in a realistic style, this is the viewpoint you'll probably use because it's what we're accustomed to seeing. It's what looks most real.
"NORMAL" Viewpoint
"WORMS" Eye View
When you're looking at a scene from much lower than you would standing up. For instance if you were sitting on a chair, had crouched down onto your heels or, even lower down, sitting on the grass. Of course, it's also the level from which small children see the world.
When you are looking down onto a scene. You're above the objects!
"BIRD'S" Eye View
We are going to be focusing on the basics of 1point and 2point drawings.
you will have a packet to complete :)
After Break:
We will be doing a full perspective project!
why perspective drawing is awesome!
Horizon Line:
The line that appears to seperate the sky from the ground.
The sun sets on the horizon.
Vanishing Point:
The point on the horizon line where objects "disappear"
Orthangonal Lines:
The diagonal lines that disappear towards the vanishing point(s).
[el fondo]
[la distancia]
[el horizonte]
[el desaparición]
[dos puntos]
[un punto]
[punto de vista]
[punto de vista]
[punto de vista]
[dibujo perspectiva]
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