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Symblos And Motifs In ' The Story Of Tom Brennan' By J.C Burke

a comprehensive overview of the symbols and motifs of the afor mentioned Novel.

Jake Doran

on 7 April 2011

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Transcript of Symblos And Motifs In ' The Story Of Tom Brennan' By J.C Burke

Motifs And Symbols The Story of Tom Brennan By J.C Burke Black. This colour, is used in J.C Burkes' novel to symbolise despair and hopelessness, especially throughout toms healing process with Daniels accident. Water In "The Story Of Tom Brennan", water is used to symbolise a happy or good outcome in a story, for example, the pool, where toms inhibitions and fears melt away as he swims. Sudden Death. The sudden death Motif, is used with the "Sudden Death" match for St. Johns to win the wattle shield for 3rd time. "I strode down to the sheds, trying to clear my head and find the exit door to that black tunnel. But i could never find it. I didn't want to go back there but that night was etched into the bones of my skull." (Pg. 52-53) "I pushed off hard, springing high out of the water, lifting myself into the air, flying just for that second. For once, i felt free. Free and light." (Pg.93) "Then through the grunting and straining, a lone St John's voice rose above the sweaty bodies.I caught two words, 'killer' and 'Brennan'. I staggered backwards. I thought i'd be prepared for this. But you cant." Driving Driving is very important in this novel, as the novel is based around daniels crash, and example is at the beginning, when the brennan family are driving away from their town in the middle of the night. "I pushed our Ford Falcon station wagon out of the garage, past the ugly words that told us we were no longer wanted, and along the street." Rugby To the Brennan family, rugby is a sign of prestige in Mumbilli, as the "Brennan Brothers" make a formidible duo in the sport. Through Rugby, Tom makes new friends, and confornts old ones. Running. Running provides two positves for tom, he has time to talk with his uncle, and also as he becomes fitter, he starts attracting attention from the oppisate sex, although his running may be seen as Tom trying to flee his past, he is also approaching the level to be fit enough to go to nepal, and climb mount everest. "Rory took off, and before I knew it I was alongside him running hard. I couldn't help it. It felt so natural." "'What! What's wrong with a week at the Gold Coast?' 'I'm serious.' Brendan stopped. 'Look, we're here.' We'd reached the top of the ascent. I'd made it up without even realising. Brendan cheered. 'You did it without a whinge. you must be ready.' Hills and mountains Hills represent Tom's struggle and his journey throught the novel. Daniel hated climbing hills and would complain if he had to walk up one, hence the name of the hill near their house in Mumbilli, "Daniels Whine". This is symbolic of how daniel gets everything despite his behaviour. "'And you and me?' 'you me and Mount Everest.' 'gee.'
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