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The Atheist Subculture

A Research Assignment on Atheism

Elaina Luper

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of The Atheist Subculture

Who Are Atheists? The Atheist Subculture derived from Greek word "athe," meaning "godless"
began in fifth and sixth century BCE
reject the belief in deities
fifteen percent of the world's population
associated with "skeptics," "non-believers," and "paganists"
wrongly categorized as "devil worshipers" and immoral humans Beliefs and Values of Atheists deities, gods, and higher beings do not exist
there is no afterlife, therefore existence is valued, similar to the humanistic view
Atheismfrontier.com, a popular Atheist website, writes, "Most mainstream values are 'atheistic' in the sense that they are a natural part of human solidarity, hence they are also incidental to Atheism."
place importance in the separation between religion and politics as well as government Current Issues Faced By Atheists misunderstood as a group
discriminated against by other religions as well as the government
rise of "New Atheism" and Militant Atheists, or Atheists who are hostile towards religion and actively campaign against religion Presence of the Atheist Subculture in Our Lives The largest Atheist societies in Northern California include the SF Atheists and the Collation of Reason (CoR) in Sacramento and Butte County
The Atheists of Butte County has about 123 members
Use the internet as the most common tool to organize meetings and discussions
11 billboards around Chico promoting the Collation of Reason
Secular Student Alliance on CSU Chico campus, part of Chico State's Center for Inquiry How Others Perceive Atheists accused of mental instability along with being devil-worshipers, rapists, and liars
47.6% of randomly surveyed people in the United States would disapprove if their child wanted to marry an Atheist
America's link between religious faith and personal morality continues the perception of Atheists as immoral
foundations in religion cause a natural distrust of Atheists and a lack of acceptance of the subculture into society Famous Atheists First proclaimed Atheists were the 17th century philosophers Pierre Bayle and Matthius Knutzen
Woody Allen, Lance Armstrong, Kevin Bacon, Marlon Brando
Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong cause anti-Atheists to associate the subculture with mass murder
Dave Silverman, president of the American Atheists
Christopher Hitchens, New York Times #1 Bestseller author of "God is Not Great" The compilation of misinterpreted beliefs, misunderstood values, and religious pertinence in the world today results in the struggle for the Atheist subculture to be correctly understood and accepted. Though the group continues to thrive, it will take time for the subculture to be fully accepted into society. By: Elaina Luper
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