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Myths and Legends


Gabi Luna

on 10 February 2013

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Transcript of Myths and Legends

The Morbach Monster Die Rübezahl King Watzmann Myths and Legends Rattenfänger von Hameln
(The Pied Piper of Hameln)
One night in 1988, this candle went out and a huge wolf figure was soon spotted, standing upright, having jumped a high fence. He stood, staring at the soldiers then returned to the forest.

The candle was re-lit, and has never gone out since, if the candle ever goes out the werewolf will return.  The Rosstrappe is a craggy hill in the Harz mountain range, central Germany. Those who make it to the very top can see a hoof print in the rock on cliff edge.
Princess Brunhilde was escaping from a giant, Bodo, who wanted to marry her. He chased her to the cliff edge, where her white stallion jumped across and reached the other side, while Bodo jumped after her and plunged to his death. The hoof print in the rock is the last step Brunhilde's horse took. An unpredictable giant, gnome or mountain spirit.
He roams the mountains exercising his taste for trickery.
With good people he is friendly, he teaches medicine and gives presents.
If someone ridicules him, however, his revenge is severe. Pied Piper tale can be traced back to an unfortunate event in the Middle Ages, in a small town of Hameln, Lower Saxony, where masses of children disappeared at the same time. No one quite knows where they went. Legend has it that a rat catcher lured them all away after the mayor refused to pay him.... GERMAN Die Lorelei In deepest southern Bavaria, blood-thirsty King Watzmann once ruled.
The story says that the king and his family enjoyed hunting local peasants, until one day when, after having slaughtered an entire family, a curse was set upon them. The whole family were turned to stone and are thought to be entombed in a range of seven mountains in Berchtesgaden, each hill a different member. There was a beautiful young woman named Lorelei who threw herself into the Rhine and drowned after her heart was broken. She was transformed into a siren whose sad, haunting singing lures drooling sailors to come crashing onto the rocks.
A statue of the vengeful Lorelei watches over the treacherous stretch of water near Sankt Goarshausen. Rosstrappe The story of Princess Brunhilde German Myths and Legends
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