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The Six (6) Features of Curriculum

report :)

Rocell Almonte

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of The Six (6) Features of Curriculum

Who do the teachers teach? The LEARNERS are at the
center stage in the
educative process. Who teaches? Tomasa C. Iringan, Ph.D What do the teachers teach? How do teachers teach? –Strategies & Methods How much of the teaching was learned? PERFORMANCE Crafting the Curriculum (Module II-Lesson 3) The Six Features
Curriculum Rocell G. Almonte Quality Education requires
quality teachers. Good teachers- knowledge from the information. Excellent teachers- wisdom from the knowledge. Pre-service teachers Education Students THE DOMAIN OF THE DIVERSITY OF LEARNERS "To help the learners cope with rapid changes to understand and succeed in the new work in the workplace, we must design a curriculum oriented to tomorrow" Knowledge
Values "capped with compassionate and winsome nature". Teachers should select teaching methods, learning activities and instructional materials or resources appropriate to learners and aligned to objectives of the lesson. They formulate objectives to be accomplished by the learners.
Performing or teaching what lesson did they planned.
Assessment- to find out if the objectives set were accomplished. LEARNING OUTCOMES PERFORMANCE Teachers Learners CURRICULUM With whom do we teach? Community Partners Teaching is a collaborative undertaking. THANK YOU ! -jhen
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