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A Story

No description

Kyla Kelly

on 21 May 2015

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Transcript of A Story

Sabrina was born in Alabama.
She was raised in Alaska, and had a friend named Arizona.
When Arizona moved to Arkansas, Sabrina was heartbroken.
Chapter 2
In fact, she was so heartbroken and mad she moved to California, where she met a guy named Colorado. Then she dumped him and moved to Connecticut.
Chapter 3
In Connecticut, she met a guy named Delaware. When he died, she moved to Florida, so she wouldn't have to bear the memories.
Luckily, she met a guy named Georgia in her move to Florida.
Chapter 4
Sabrina and Georgia got married in Hawaii. That night they had Idaho potatoes. Soon, they moved to Illinois and met Indiana Jones, who had moved into their apartment. They asked for his autograph, but he signed Iowa.They were so mad, they moved to Kansas and had Kentucky fried chicken.
Chapter 5
One sunny morning, Sabrina was whisked off by a tornado to Louisiana.In LA, she met a man named Maine. They got married and had a girl named Maryland. Since they were so happy, they moved to Massachusetts. Maryland dressed up as a moose during hunting season so Maine and Sabrina moved to Michigan. Sabrina drank a Minnesota (mini soda) that caused her to have a daughter, who she named Mississippi. Maine was full of Missouri (misery), so they moved to Montana to cheer him up. She had yet another kid named Nebraska, then died from too many kids.
Chapter 6
She was reborn in Nevada as an adult, but to her dismay, her daughter, Mississippi, was already grown up and was becoming a famous actress. Soon, she met New Hampshire (weird name right?) and moved to New Jersey. The couple ate some New Mexican food right before they bought a New Yorkie. She then gave birth to Carolina and Dakota, but she accidentally wrote "North" before the two names.Sabrina and her new family moved to Ohio. They were all unhappy, so they moved to Oklahoma. Two kids weren't enough for Sabrina, so she had a kid named Oregon.
Chapter 7
Soon, she and her family visited her new in-laws in Pennsylvania, then took a vacation in Rhode Island. North Carolina and Dakota hated their name, so they changed their names to South Carolina and South Dakota.
Chapter 8
Sabrina then divorced NH and married Tennessee. TN did not like OK, so they moved to Texas. They went to visit family members in UT, where they bought a cat named Vermont. They also had a dog, and the two pets mated and had a mutant named Virginia. Sabrina fell through a time portal and got married to George Washington. She reappeared in West Virginia and ate some Wisconsin cheese. The cheese was poisoned and her time travel journey made her weak, so she died.
The End!
Sabrina's Other Life
It's About Sabrina and States (In a way)
Chapter 1
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