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Animal Trainer

No description

Amaya Khalil

on 30 May 2014

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Transcript of Animal Trainer

Animal Trainer
You will teach animals new cues and signals
Reward the animals once it learns something new
Feed and exercise & give general care to the animals
Evaluate the animal
Animal Science
Education & training
You will always be getting new information
Work well with public
Be creative on teaching
Work well with other when they try to help
Speak and understand English
Working Conditions
Animal waste will be involved
May have to travel
Most likely no set schedule
You are your own boss
Hiring Practice
People will be looking for people that have animal experience. Most of the time they will look for education beyond high school. For example zoo's will often look for a bachelors degree in a related field.
Entry hourly = $9.03
Median hourly = $12.76
Experience hourly = $ 17.19
Animal trainers train animals for many different reasons like, riding, harness, security, performance, obedience, or assisting people with disabilities. Before going into this field they should have previous experience with animals. Before they begin the training they must evaluate the animal.
Entry yearly = $18,770
Median yearly = 26,530
Experience yearly = 35, 770
Employment Outlook
2010 employment = 1,030 (small)
Growth through 2020 = 1.9%
Annual opening = 12 ( very few )
Advancement Opportunites
You can advance, like if you are a zoo keeper or Race horse trainer.
Physical Demand
Bending, stretching, twisting & reaching
Bending, kneeling & crouch while working with animals
Repeat tasks
Active for long period of time
See objects in low lighting
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