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Transgenic Transplants

No description

Luke Burkholder

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Transgenic Transplants

When humans need a replacement organ to survive and there are none available they can get a transgenic transplant
A transgenic transplant is just like any other organ transplant but instead of using a human organ, one from an animal; usually a pig or a cow, is used instead.
Some of the major transgenic transplants are liver transplants from pigs, and heart valve transplants from cows. Technology Usage and Application impacts of the technology Transgenic transplants could eliminate open heart surgeries which have a 15% death rate, and take a long time to recover from. It also allows people who are not good candidates for open heart surgery to get relief from their symptoms by obtaining a new heart valve from a cow.
Over 100,000 people a year in the United States alone would benefit from getting a new heart valve.
A patient who urgently needs a liver could live with a replacement liver from a pig.
Transgender transplants would provide a much larger supply of livers and other organs that would stock a diminished supply.
The supply of these organs would in turn save the lives of the patients who need them.
There would be less of a need for organ donors. My opinion Positive Negative The organ donated may contain a virus, even though the organ is checked for viruses an unknown, or unchecked virus could spread.
Is socially unacceptable for some people and religions.
Animals would have be killed for their organs. In my opinion if these surgeries can save, and better
the quality of peoples lives, then I would support the
usage of this technology, and maybe if I need an organ
on day use it myself.
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