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Joseph Gayetty

No description

angus pollard

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of Joseph Gayetty

He invented Toilet
Paper in 1857
DATE: 10/3/2013
CREATED BY: Angus Pollard
Born in Massachusetts
Census records don't show when he was born
There is little information on Gayetty as his invention was an accident and what he invented toilet paper for was a failure.

At some point he lived in NYC with his family
Toilet Paper was first medicated with Aloe and Joseph C Gayetty was printed on every sheet

Gayetty invented toilet paper to help people with hemorrhoids. It wasn't used as toilet paper for another ten years after he introduced it.
Toilet Paper on Rolls
Gayetty had nothing to do with toilet paper bein sold and used on rolls. In his time toilet paper was still a commodity. It was only just becoming more afforrdable.
Joseph Gayetty had a huge impact on the invention of modern day toilet paper. With his entrepreneurial mindset he took what was magazines, regular paper, and anything else that could be used, and he completely changed the game for the western world. If it was not for his idea who knows where toilet paper would be today. He made it cheap and affordable yet his imagination was so expansive that he practically got it perfect 120 years ago. The only difference is that paper is on rolls now, but he really got the idea launched.
Before Joseph Gayetty invents toilet paper, only one country has it as we know it today, China.
Joseph Gayetty
Toilet paper is he same today as it was when he made it
Current modern paper
first distributed December 8, 1857
Original Single sheet Toilet paper
Once he realized his product was better for bathroom use it was marketed that way in single sheet packs of 500 for $.50
He took on the idea of making toilet paper for one reason. He wanted to ease the pain of people who had to wipe and also had Hemorrhoids. The aloe that he had instilled on the original toilet paper acted as a lube for wiping. The idea was so popular that after 10 years it became for everyone who had to wipe.
Without toilet paper we would not be as happy.

Gayetty supports my thesis because of the reason he invented toilet paper; to reduce pain. Reduce pain=more happiness
The Story of Toilet Paper
Last modified May 2007, accessed 10/2/2013 http://itotd.com/articles/542/the-story-of-toilet-paper/
This article provided me with some basic information about toilet paper
The Toilet Paper Encyclopedia
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This article gives a timelne of the complete history of toilet paper
Toilet Paper History, Toilet Paper Timeline
Accessed 10/2/2013
This article also was a timeline of history
Joseph Gayetty Bio
accessed 10/2/2013
This article was about Gayetty and his life and about the early days of toilet paper
Smith, Richard Bum Fodder: An absorbing history of
Toilet Paper(London: Souvenir press 2012)

This was a book written in part about the history of toilet paper and other inventions that helped change society
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