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Holden in Manhattan

No description

on 1 May 2017

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Transcript of Holden in Manhattan

Holden in Manhattan
Radio City
Holden agrees to go ice skating with Sally in the Radio City Music Hall ice rink "Let's go ice skating at Radio City" (128)
Museum of Natural History
Holden writes a note to Phoebe so she can meet him at the museum because he wants to give her Christmas money back "I walked all the way through the park over to the Museum of Natural History" (119)
Wicker Bar
The Wicker Bar is in the Seton hotel, Holden walks back from a show and thinks about Luce. He meets luce at the Wicker Bar later on and ha sa short conversation with him before Luce becomes annoyed and leaves "He'd meet me for a drink at 10 o'clock at the Wicker Bar" (136)
Holden walks over towards Broadway because he hasn't been there in years. Holden walks into a record store because he wanted to buy Phoebe a record "Little Shirley Beans" "I started walking over toward Broadway, just for the hell of it." (114)
Penn Station
This is the first place Holden goes, here he tries to decide whether or not to call someone but decides not to because it probably isn't a good idea "I felt like giving someone a buzz...I coukdn't think of anyone to call up" (59)
Biltmore Hotel
"Get a cab and go to the Biltmore" (122) This is where Holden goes to meet Sally for their date. At first he doesn't want to go but eventually does and goes through with going on a date with Sally.
5th Avenue
The day after sleeping on a bench in Grand Central Station Holden walks up and down 5th avenue watching children and having a panic attack, every time he crosses a street he feels like he'll disappear, so every time he reaches a curb he calls for Allie, hoping that pleading to his brother will help him
Central Park
Grand Central Station
After Holden leaves Mr. Antolini's he goes to Grand Central Station and he spends the night on a bench in the waiting room. He also met two nuns which he donated money to. "I certainly didn't feel like going to another hotel and geting my brain beat out. So what i did, I told my driver to take me to Grand Central Station" (107)
By: Caitlyn Felt
Ernie's Night Club
Central Park is where Holden goes a lot but he always thinks when he's there, like where the ducks go in the winter when the lake freezes over "I took a cab up to the park"
Before D.B went to Hollywood Ernie's was the place he would go to a lot. Holden meets Lillian Simmons who is more interested in how D.B is doing. "Ernie's is the nightclub in Greenwich Village that my brother D.B used to go quite frequently" (80)
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