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Red Cross project (plz comment!)

laura kenney

on 28 January 2015

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Transcript of RED CROSS

The main goals of our organization
The Canadian Red Cross has lots of goals and some of those goals are that when ever a disaster hits they would go and help the people who are in need for help for example: they would give them food and water, keep them warm and provide them with shelter. The Canadian Red Cross responds to emergencies and the needs of communities all around the world.
3 ways our organization has helped the world #1
1.The Canadian Red Cross delivers primary
health care programs, relief supplies, water, sanitation and shelter solutions to
people affected by conflicts or natural
disasters and those who live in
3 ways our organization has helped the world #2
2.The international emergencies and recovery team
monitors global crises and disaster trends, to be better
prepared for and respond to emergencies worldwide.
3 ways our organization has helped the world #3
3. The Canadian Red Cross is committed to long-
lasting impacts by ensuring that we build awareness and funding to serve those in need around the world.

developing countries.
Interesting Facts
1) The Canadian Red Cross Society is part of the largest humanitarian network in the world.
2) It started in 1896. When the First World War started in 1914 the Canadians went to help. This was the first major event that they were involved with.
More Interesting Facts
3) Last year the Red Cross had 59 emergency relief operations in 42 countries. In Canada 2.2 million Canadian were helped, trained or educated by the Canadian Red Cross.
4) More than 200 million people are affected by natural disasters every year. The total amount this costs to replace what people have lost and to help them is around $102 billion every year.
Why Should We Be Given The Humanitarian Award?
1) The Canadian Red Cross helps millions of people around the world every day of every year.
2) One of Canada's largest non-for profit and most effective charities.
3) All donations go towards helping people in need and for training people to help others.
Pictures and Video
Red Cross
Now for Joshua's new logo
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