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ARE Action Research Project

Our Action Research Project focuses on implementing Edmodo in a 6th grade reading classroom in order to see an increase in student achievement and engagement and a decrease in student discipline issues.

Sheila Luechtefeld

on 16 March 2013

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Transcript of ARE Action Research Project

Existing Research: Research Design Implications
& Results Edmodo Thesis: The use of Edmodo will
increase student achievement
by increasing student engagement
and decreasing negative behaviors. Several research studies have examined the relationship between the use of technology in the classroom and student engagement, achievement, and behavior. The overwhelming majority of these studies shows that technology does improve student achievement.
Hesterman found that technology lessons and non-technology lessons resulted in the same number of positive behaviors from her students, but negative behaviors decreased during technology lessons. Students complained about non-technology lessons 12 more times than technology lessons and had to be redirected over three times more often during non-technology lessons (Hesterman, 2012, p.18).
In terms of achievement, students who used the Edmodo resources to study initially scored 15 percentage points higher than those who did not (Hesterman, 2012, p. 27). *Discipline is out of 5 students not 20.
*Results shown do not reflect actual data from a classroom. QUESTIONS: 1. Will Edmodo increase student engagement in the 6th grade reading classroom?

2. Will the use of Edmodo decrease the number of negative behaviors?

3. Will the use of Edmodo increase the achievement of students in the 6th grade reading classroom on reading Standard 3 Indicator 6 of the Maryland State Voluntary Curriculum (determine important ideas and messages in literary text)? Under the pressure to perform, improve test scores, and decrease behavior problems, teachers are looking for new alternatives in today’s digital age to engage students on their level and through their current technological trend: social media. Rationale: Action Research Plan: This action research project will take place in one sixth grade reading classroom in Baltimore, Maryland. The participants will be the students in this class. The action research will be conducted during one quarter of the school year. Our research aims to show the effect of Edmodo on the behavior, engagement, and achievement of the students in the class. Sample Activities: Book Theme Discussion:
The following are common themes found in The Giver:

Importance of Memory
Relationship between Pain and Pleasure
The Importance of the Individual
Write 1-3 sentences explaining how each theme is demonstrated in the book.

Respond to two other students posts. Engagement Achievement Discipline Students will be given a Likert Scale Survey before and after the implementation of Edmodo. Three of the questions are below. Tracking student achievement will be done
by comparing MAP data from Winter to Spring
in order to see individual student progress. To reduce bias, an outside observer will record negative incidents using a discipline observation tool, randomly
selecting a subgroup of 5 students within our 6th grade class. The observer will look at 4 specific categories: disrespect; non-compliance; disruption; and physical aggression and average behaviors pre and post intervention. http://ourclimbintoactionresearch.blogspot.com/ A significant number of students made progress in each of the three categories. Based on these results, we would recommend that the teacher continue to use Edmodo in order to increase student engagement and achievement and to decrease discipline. http://www.learningfront.com/taskbuilder/tbwikipreview.cfm?designpageid=11259 Please visit our Wiki and Blog for
more information..... Data Analysis Data analysis will be done using the sign test. The sign test is used to see if there is significant difference between the pre-intervention and post-intervention results. See below.
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