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Front Line Management

LV Switching Terminology Project

Sean Teehan

on 27 October 2010

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Transcript of Front Line Management

LV Switching Terminology
What is it ? Switching is the creation of an
isolated electrical circuit. An isolated area is where the electricity has no way of entering the work area. The isolated area is then proven dead
and earthed using approved switching methods. To create this isolated area
we use a Low Voltage switching
programm, which is a detailed document of how to create an isolated work area. When creating a LV switching sheet we use certain terminology that tells us what to do and at what location. An example of this could be: OPEN LV taps 21 Smith St And AFFIX DO NOT OPERATE SIGN TAG For HV switching the formatting is very strict & has been created already for switching sheet writters. I believe that the same should be done for the LV switching. I will create a LV switching terminology manual for all LV switching sheet writters to use. This will also be used as a tool for trainers at the Training Centre to teach apprentices how to create LV switching sheets.
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