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Introduction to Halloween

a brief presentation on Halloween history, customs, and song.

Yoo Kyung Jung

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of Introduction to Halloween

What is Halloween? Introduction to Halloween 2012.11.2 Becky Teacher Let's learn the
Halloween Song! Please fill in the blanks of the worksheet. What comes to your mind when you hear the term,
"Halloween"? WHAT IS YOUR IMAGE OF HALLOWEEN? The Ellen Show Costumes What did the children receive? Treats! (Candies!) yumm...... Trick or Treat? Donald Duck Candies trick = joke, deceive
treat = delight, sweets Jack o' Lantern Zombies Vampires Goblims Ghosts Devils Witches (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr Monsters Who, when, what, why, where, and how? The History of
Halloween Many people in ancient times, believed that the dead would wander around the earth on the night before the New Year’s Day.
So, people afraid of ghosts, wore scary costumes to hide themselves from them. Halloween is celebrated every year on October 31st. It started 2000 years ago in Europe. Back then, the New year started on November 1st, which was later called 'All Hallow's Day.' Therefore, October 31st was called 'Hallow's eve' or 'Halloween.' Oppa, Gangnam Style - Halloween Version Quiz When is Halloween?
Where does its name come from?
Why did people start to wear scary costumes? House decorations Black cats Bats Frankenstein Werewolves Skeletons Let's make some Halloween Masks!
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